A Phone

I have a phone. We had an extra one at home, so Mom and Dad FedEx’ed it out to me, which was great. It’s not my old phone, but it’ll work…for now.

Phone Goes Poop Too

And now my phone is broken! WHYYYY?!?!

It currently says “BOOTLOADER USB INIT”. I Googled that and ‘motorola’ and got some hits, but nothing that lead to a quick fix. So I went down to the Verizon store at Mills mall. They open the back up and point out that 1/4 of the water sensor pad is red, meaning it got wet. So yes, I was on a boat this morning and had a great time, not quite worth a $150 to replace a phone though. I think I’m also going to end up paying for the replacement screen for my laptop because it’s cheaper then driving down to Lone Tree, paying them a $75 fee to look at my laptop right away, driving back (potentially sans laptop) then waiting, driving back down a week later, picking it up, and then driving back. Doesn’t anybody realize I’m a college student?

Flickr Geotagging

From the Inboxen™ of Andrew Ferguson:


I work for Flickr. I’m writing to you because you have lots of geotagged photos and we’re about to launch geotagging. Our system works in a slightly different, more “built in’ way than what you’ve been doing so far, and does not require the “geotagged”/”geo:lat”/”geo:long” tags on your photos. (Existing 3rd party geotagging tools will continue to work and we will release the APIs so everyone can take advantage of the new system.)

We are not automatically importing existing geotagged photos into the new system since there are some privacy features we want people to be aware of. The location a photo was taken can be kept private, even if the photo itself is public. You can set a preference for the default location privacy and change it on a photo-by-photo or batch basis. Importing will respect whatever privacy setting you choose.

In advance of the launch, we’d appreciate if you could take a second to set your preference and start the import process. Then as soon as we launch, you’ll be all set to go!

Set your privacy preference here:

And then you can import here:

Thanks a lot, and keep on Flickrin’!


– Stewart

Now, a couple of things.

“you have lots of geotagged photos”
This is true, over 33% of my 6000+ photos on Flickr do have Geotags!

“Our system works in a slightly different, more “built in’ way than what you’ve been doing so far, and does not require the “geotagged”/”geo:lat”/”geo:long” tags on your photos.”
This worries me a bit. Geotags have been a great, open standard so far. Is Yahoo taking a page out of Sony’s manual and playing the “new-format” game? They say they’re going to release the APIs so that everyone can use it, but why change something that already works? Makes no sense to me. If anyone from Yahoo is reading this, can you please explain it? Or better yet, fix it!

“In advance of the launch, we’d appreciate if you could take a second to set your preference and start the import process. Then as soon as we launch, you’ll be all set to go!”
Not a problem. But if I’m going to be doing something for you, can you do something for me and tell me when it’s actually launching?

“keep on Flickrin’!”
Google doesn’t want to be a verb, but it seems like Flickr doesn’t mind. Interesting.

Thanks Stewart. But who are you??

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An Option

The part that broke is called an LCD Mask, Toshiba part number P000388420. I did a Google Search for it and the prices are around $180 ± $50. This, as it turns out, is very close to the “official” price from Nation Parts Depot (Toshiba’s parts vendor) of $172.22.

For fun, I decided to check on eBay. Low and behold, I found an auction for the exact part I’m looking for. Even better, it would only be about $60 with shipping, as of now. But seriously, how often do these buggers break? Methinks not that often.

Despite the fact I would have to spend 60 of my hard earned dollars, it would still be cheaper then driving down to Lone Tree and back, and paying the $75 express fee to get them to look at my laptop now…instead of in 10 days or whatever.

I’m going to check with Toshiba directly to see if they’ll just send me the part if I send mine back.

Oh Crack

I’m at Ryan Goodwin’s house, doing my Statics homework like a good boy. I flip by screen around and ever so gently tap the pepper shaker and my screen cracks. Actually, it’s just the plastic on top of my screen that cracked. It’s still usable, but now it has a hairline crack going through one corner.

I called up my good friends at Central Telecom, down in Lone Tree, Colorado:

Bad news: They won’t be able to look at it until Monday at the earliest.
More bad news: They currently have a 10 day turn-around time.
Maybe good news: Toshiba should cover it.
Good news: It stills functions just perfectly. I just have a hairline crack in it.

Here we go again.

Snakes in a What?

I did see Snakes on a Plane on Friday with Ryan Walter and his friend. It was a funny movie. Mostly funny in that really stupid way in which nothing shown on the screen could ever happen in real life, but still funny to see how the characters reacted.

Then I see this:
From wickedstageact2.typepad.com:

Snakes on a Plane = funny. Some idiot letting two live rattlers loose in a theatre = not funny.


Yes, the National Ledger is reporting that two real live diamondback rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox) were
From www.nationalledger.com:

…released in an Arizona theater during a showing of the new film, ‘Snakes on a Plane.’ The snakes were released after the film began rolling in the dark theater at the AMC Desert Ridge multi-plex at Tatum and the 101 in north Phoenix.

The two baby diamondbacks were actually slithering around the theater while the snakes on a plane were slithering around on screen with Samuel L. Jackson.

Wow. Imagine being in that theater. Tsk tsk (*Shakes head*).

Dear Neighbors

Came home from Woody’s tonight to find this note waiting for Matt and myself:

Hi – Dear Neighbor, –

I came up to talk w/ you but you are out. I have to be at work very early ( I teach High School) each day. City Ordinance for noise is 10 pm. Please respect Quite hours in this complex; everyone here worksin the am. Im in bed by 10, so is Le. (your next door neighbor)

My bedroom is the last room back. And yes, I can hear everything. So, yes, you woke me up several timis [sic] last night. I’d appreciate it if you could please remember: I’ve asked twice now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, if youre in the living room I don’t seem to hear you at night. Hope thats helpful.

Thank you for your consideration.



You have got to be kidding me. I probably shouldn’t get this wound up about it, but I really just want to scream, “What the fuck?!?” Yes, you came up stairs last night and explained how you were trying to sleep since 10pm and we were keeping you up. I apologized for being noisy, even though we weren’t. But please, don’t start our relationship off like this. I’ll admit when I’m wrong, but when you start asking for unreasonable things like this…bortaS bIr jablu’DI’, reH QaQqu’ nay’.

I’m also tired of being treated like a teenager. And she never asked twice. I think someone needs some remedial math skills….”Okay kids! Counting starts at one. And what comes after one? Two! That’s right!”

Here’s my imaginary letter I’m going to write to La:

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. Sorry both of us were out, one of the side effects of being social, I guess. I understand that you have to be up very early. I go to college, just in case you were not aware of this fact. One of the great things about college is all the studying we have to do. Unfortunately, this often keeps us up late. While we try our best to keep quite, it is regrettable that we sometimes are louder then 10dB.

I also appreciate your concern for Le. It is very admirable for you to stick up for her, especially since she is no longer in grade school.

Regarding placement of your bedroom, the location is unfortunate. I would suggest moving it to another location. I have found that I do not often occupy the kitchen after 10pm, so if you were to locate your bedroom under the Northeastern most area of our complex, you should find it much quieter.

I would also be willing to buy you a pair of ear plugs.

I also took the liberty to lookup the ordinance in question and regret to inform you that no such ordinance exists. For your records, the closest law I was able to fine is:
From ci.golden.co.us:

8.04.310 Disturbing the peace/persons

It is unlawful for any person to disturb or tend to disturb the peace of others by violent, tumultuous, offensive or obstreperous conduct, by loud or unusual noises, or by unseemly, profane, obscene or offensive language; or for any person to permit any such conduct in any house or upon any premises owned, possessed, managed or controlled by such person or persons so that others in the vicinity are or may be disturbed. (Ord. 1142, 1992; Ord. 626 ร‚ยง1, 1970).

Just to be thorough, I also elected to search the Colorado Revised Statutes. Again, I regret to inform you that no such law exists. If you believe that my search is erroneous, I would appreciate the precise listing of the law you paraphrased in your earlier letter.

Thank you for your cooperation,


P.S. Suck my balls.


That’s what I would like to write. In reality. I’m not going to do a single thing about it, except post this short little rant about it. God bless the Internet.

Where Did BURL Go?

On Friday I had a bit of scare. From my Inboxen™:

Attention Andrew:

Your BlueHost.Com account for andrewferguson.net was deactivated. Your data may still be temporarily available even though your web site may not be functioning. If you feel this deactivation is in error, please contact support as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Bluehost Support

A quick check on my site indicated that it had been deactivated.

Fuck, was pretty much the only word that came to mind. I quickly called up BlueHost to see what the problem was.

As it turned out, some spammer had found my little project and was using it to disguise their links. This made it look like I was spamming, even though I was not. Not even ten minutes later, everything was cleared up. Then I went and took down BURL offline.

I may go back and implement a CAPTCHA or include a Terms of Service Agreement. But that’s where BURL is.


The Day Before Classes…or Is It?

I was looking at my schedule this morning and suddenly realized that I have no classes on Tuesday, which means that I have no class tomorrow!

Summer break is extended by one day!

In other news: Matt signed the lease, picked up a shower curtain and shower rod from Target. The shower curtain has a world map on it so one can learn while one is taking a shower.