What I did on Friday/Saturday

I’m just going to start off by saying that this was perhaps the single awesomest day…well, in a rather long time. It all started around 6am, as most weekdays do, with me rolling out of bed. I was into work by 7. Finished up a large chunk of programming, thus completing the main part of my program, and left just after 3pm.

Funny thing about getting into work at 7am: the weather isn’t hot, yet. It was one of those days where I hadn’t been outside since I arrive at work. And when I returned to the door from whence I had entered. Pow. A sheet of heat punched me in the face. A thought crossed my mind, “Perhaps I should just go back in and work another 8 hours in the air conditioned office?”

Had it been any other day, I might have. But it was Friday and I was done. So I wandered over to the car and drove home, AC blasting all the way.

Once I was home, I changed out of my casual work clothes and into my “normal” clothes. This really just involved changing my shirt and taking my badge off.

I called Peter. He was working up on Phinny Ridge installing some rails on his bosses box truck. Having nothing better to do, I headed over to lend a hand. I really wanted to ride up and down on the tailgate lift.

Unfortunately, Peter didn’t have the key to truck and so there was no tailgate riding involved. Just working in a rather hot van on a day that probably broke the record.

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  1. Wait, you start by saying you had the greatest day ever, but then just describe going to work. What happened to make it such a great day?

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