The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 17 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

The last few days and weeks have pretty much flown by. I’m not quite sure what stories I’ll remember to tell, but I know there are some good ones.

Boeing has been a blur, I can’t believe that I only have 8 days left there. So far, I’ve been on two tours. One to the 737 plant in Renton, the other to the Composites Manufacturing Facility in Fredrickson (a little south east of Tacoma).

It’s amazing how they built airplanes. We were able to see them lift the left-side horizontal stabilizer into place on one of the aircraft at the beginning of the tour and then see them test the inflatable slide (when the door opens in an emergency) on another aircraft. So amazing. We also saw the new blended wing 737 Boeing is making. That’s a weird looking plane.

At Fredrickson, they showed us how they build the composite structures for the 777 horizontal and vertical stabilizers. That’s also an amazing process. The line is U-shaped and almost all the pieces move in one direction. There are autonomous robot vehicles that roam around the floor, moving the large pieces around. Apparently, they also have the largest double-sided autoclaves for curing the composite material. Very cool.

My programming project, is coming along nicely. All of the core programming is done as of Friday. Trying to schedule a review for Monday or Tuesday, then some final testing and tweaking.

We went to Hansville a few weeks back and hung out there for a day.

No trips to Canada thus far and it looks like I won’t get to Canada before I take of for Europe (more on that later).

I had a funny moment the other week. I was talking to Peter about jobs and how funny it would be if, after doing all this technical related work (at Fergcorp, Nordstrom, Boeing, etc), my resume had “UPS Driver” or “Hotel Connoisseur”.

Hotel Connoisseur? It took Peter a few minutes to figure out that I meant concierge, not connoisseur. An excellent Ferg moment.