4th of July

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 14 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Get up at 1am. Go to Peter’s. Pack up the Whaler. Leave around 2am. Then spend the next four hours or so boating up to the San Juan Islands. At least that was the plan. High winds put quickly put a kibosh on that.

We ended up going to one of Quinn’s friends house. Lit off tons of Whistling Bottle Rockets. Made a handful of dry ice bombs. Peter even managed to hurt himself when decided to shake up a dry ice bomb (thus increasing the surface area of the dry ice) and it went off in his hand.

After a short water balloon fight, we made our way to Peter’s houseboat where we played a game of Settlers. There were some major hate crimes committed against me during that game and I have still yet to win a game.

We left about 10 minutes before 10 and made our way to the front of the North Lake Union boat crowd. Fireworks were awesome. Sooo many boats coming back. A sea of green.

Now some random thoughts on the Forth of July.

Can anyone give me a good reason why fireworks should be banned? As we were putting to the front of the boat line, people were (illegally) lighting off mortar shells, but I thought it was the most significant sign of patriotism I’d seen.

And let’s be honest, for the handful of idiots that blow their hands off, it’s really going to be their own damn fault. So why punish me? Oh that’s right, the concept of personal responsibility is gone. It’s always someone else’s fault and we spent a significant amount of time finding someone to blame rather then sucking it up and fixing the problem.


5 thoughts on “4th of July”

  1. It’s called FIRE DANGER. You are right that fireworks shouldn’t be banned because of a few idiots that can’t handle them safely and blow off a hand but I’ve never heard personal safety cited as a reason to ban them. However, wild fires cost millions of dollars to fight (over $9 million per day) and destroy peoples’ lives. You weren’t in CO in 2002 when the Haymen fire destroyed 600 homes and 138,000 acres. It was human caused and costed $39.1 million.

  2. It was the most significant sign of patriotism you’d seen? I guess we don’t have a lot of patriotism around here if illegally firing off a few fireworks is the best we can do. What about the flag flying overhead? What about the national anthem? What about the statue of Liberty? What about America the Beautiful? What about the community that had gathered to celebrate the birth of our nation together? What about the notion that from sea to shining sea people were getting excited about everything good and noble and pure that made the United States of America and for one day putting aside partisan politics to agree that we’re glad to live in a nation founded on the idea that all men are created equal, even if all men don’t act like it? What about the military helicopter, to remind us that people still bravely sign up for military service and give their lives in the service of their country? What the fuck is wrong with us if illegal fireworks are all the patriotism we can see on our Independence Day?

  3. Audrey:

    The annual loss in property due to automobile accidents is $60 billion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_safety). That’s over 18 times the daily cost of fighting the forest fires. My point is that everything has its risk, but I would argue that if more time/money went into educating the public on proper firework use. I also would not be opposed to banning fireworks during years of extreme drought. I still think that personal responsibility plays a large role in this. People need to be more responsible for their actions.

    Point taken. How about I call it one of the more patriotic displays I saw?

    To address some of your other points though:
    The flag flying overhead was kick ass, for sure. To be honest, I really hate when people shriek when singing the National Anthem, and I also couldn’t really hear it. An inflatable Statue of Liberty is like an inflatable doll…nothing like the real thing. People gathering for an idea is always important, but how many people just use it as an excuse to get drunk? While I and hopefully many others share your enthusiasm for what Independence Day means, one only needs to watch Jay Walking on the Jay Leno show to understand show how ignorant our nation can be.

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