Days Like This

I hate days like this. We’ve had over a week of incredibly hot and amazing weather and then it goes to clouds and I get really depressed. If the clouds persist for a few more days, I’ll become re-acclimated. But I’m also leaving on Thursday morning for Europe, which is going to be hot. So I’m stuck with this depression between nice days.

So what did I end up doing? Nothing entirely productive. There was a Boeing Intern Tour of a B-17F that I went to at 10. I picked up my new glasses (I typically wear glasses contacts, so this is my first new pair in 6 years) from Costco. And that was it. I pretty much became bored. So combined with the depressing weather, I started contemplating my life.

I decided that my biggest challenge for the time is that I want to be and do everything. Well, many things. But I can’t do all of it. Not even Superman could. It would all take too much time. So my goal is to A) be content with what I’m doing; and B) try to find more things that I like doing a lot and make me happy, but that I can do given the amount of time I have.

I also decided that my goal in life should be to never stop pushing myself to new heights: I ended up driving downtown to West Marine to look for a trailer tongue wheel. I didn’t find one. But I decided to go to Downtown library since I had never been there since it was rebuilt and it was feeling depressed. I was mostly just looking for something to occupy my mind. I tried finding a book by Stephen Chbosky called “Pieces“, but I couldn’t. I ended up reading Scientific American and there was an article on how people becomes experts called, “Secrets of the Expert Mind”. In it, they describe how chess players become grandmasters by continuously pushing themselves to new levels. That’s why Grandpa Joe (a fictional grandpa), who’s been playing chess all his life recreationally is still only a mediocre player.


Quinn emailed:

kendall snow is engaged to marry jesse gamble as of now

Kendall and Jesse are both just a year older then me. They’ve been going out longer then Jason (same age as Jesse) and Amy (3 years younger then Jason), but not as long as Ben (same age as me) and Caitlin (same age as Kendall). The question now becomes: when is Ben going to propose to Caitlin?

Oh, and Caitlin and Kendall were in the same Bible Study.

98 Pounds and No Laptop

98 pounds of my crap, plus my laptop, are now in Colorado. That was the final big thing I’ve been stressing about. Today was completely awesome not having to stress about that.


Decided not to go to Scotland or Ireland this time. I (…we, I keep switching. It’s my blog, but I’m going with my family, kind of hard to pick) will just spend more time in London and Paris.


What is the etymology of ‘befriend’?

I split the word into ‘be’ and ‘friend’ and look them up. I know what ‘friend’ is.

‘be-‘ is:

Middle English, from Old English bi-, be-; akin to Old English bI by, near — more at BY … 5 : make : cause to be : treat as <belittle> <befool> <befriend>

That’s all well and good. But how do you get to ‘behead’? Oh, the wonders of modern English.