There are a combination of letters on a table that sits at the front of First Presbyterian in Golden that look like this:
Iota Eta Sigma
I puzzled over it for a while and finally asked Earl Palmer from University Presbyterian in Seattle.

One of the things I like about talking with Earl is that he just doesn’t give you the answer. For instance, Earl could have just said, “It means Iota Eta Sigma.” But no. He explained that it’s one of the Greek words for Jesus, coming from the Greek word Ιησους (Iesous) which translates to ‘Jesus’, but is often just shortened to Ιησ. To get from Ιησ to IHS, make the former all upper case letters: ΙΗΣ. Almost there, the last thing you need to know is that Σ is the letter Sigma. So, take the ‘S’ from Sigma and you have IHS.

Earl then went on to explain Χριστο (Christos) that means Christ (natch) and is often abbreviated to Χρ.

And finally, ΑΩ (Alpha/Omega) which refers to Revelation 22:13:
From www.biblegateway.com:

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.

Here’s the site I used to lookup the exact Greek definitions/spellings of what Earl gave me: http://www.htmlbible.com/sacrednamebiblecom/kjvstrongs/STRINDEX.htm

Wikipedia also has an article on the Christogram.

Good Tablet Deal

Dugan, a commententer in the StudentTabletPC forums, has two Acer Tablet PC’s for sale on eBay: Acer c301 and Acer c303.

I can’t vouch for him or the laptops, but they appear to be decent deals. Gary Anderson, my math teacher from SAAS also owns an Acer Tablet and as far know likes it a lot.

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Taxi Driver and Network

Both released in 1976. I prefered Taxi Driver over Network, despite the fact that the later took home the Oscars that year. I think it might be more of a temporal issue, but still both good movies.

Oh, and the TV is fixed! Awesome!

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Curious Web

I use 30Boxes as my calendar and it’s been work really well, until I got to Boeing. I couldn’t see my calendar! The site would load and I could see the header and footer, but the actual calendar was nowhere to be found. Curious.

I had no idea why this was happening, except maybe the proxy server was tweaking some of the HTML on the way to my system. So I tried using the Mines HTTP VPN portal to see if that would make a difference. It did: I could now see the default calendar. But I couldn’t log in.

So I tried to view the site straight up on the Internet (without using the Mines VPN portal), and it worked! Weird.

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TV Doctor Called

Dad finally called Magnolia Hi-Fi Audio/Video and they’re going to send a tech out on Friday to fix it, replacing the convergence board. Sounds like this is one of the more common parts that goes wrong when things go wrong (which isn’t too often).

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Sick TV

The television downstairs is broken. It doesn’t want to converge the colors which is bad. Can’t use it for anything!

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This one is for the new interns:

When you go outside of the Boeing premises, take your badge off or stuff it in your shirt. No one told me this at training until our group went out for lunch today. It’s not a big deal, more for personal safety.

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