My Real First Day

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Monday was Memorial Day and I had the day off, which was kind of interesting because at Mines, we don’t get any days off. A three day weekend before my first real day was pretty cool. I was going to take the bus, but I decided to drive in because I really didn’t want to bother with parking in Downtown Seattle. I was able to get down to KSC rather quickly, about twenty minutes…a far cry from the hour or so it was going to take via bus. I spent most of the day meeting people, getting door access, and then learning Java.

Java? Yea. I’ve done C++, PHP, mySQL, and a handful of other languages, but I never got around to learning Java. So D. gave me a thick “Introduction to Java” book. I was able to get through 13 of the 54 chapters today and my goal is to get through the entire thing by the end of the week:

(4 Days) x (8 Hours/day) = 32 hours


(16 weeks) x (3 days/week) x (50 minutes/day) = 40 hours (but take out some time because the third day of class is usually for labs, thus little or no new instruction is given).

In short, I’m taking an entire semester of Java and compressing it into 4 days. My brain is going to be fried this weekend.

Note: This wasn’t posted until 6/1/2006. I needed to review it and didn’t have time until now.

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