Read/Reading: Freakanomics and Naked Conversations

Before your head starts running around with images of naked ladies in a book, Naked Converstaions actually has nothing to do with the act of being unclothed. Rather, it looks at blogs and how they have/are changing the business world, stripping away the corporate PR crap and letting the people have converstations that are naked.

But first, finished up Freakanomics. It was a good book and definitely lived up to its promise to not have a unifying theme as it jumped from topic to topic. But overall a good book. At the end of the day, it was definitely worth reading and it, along with Gladwell’s books have helped me see things in a different light. A light that I hope bestows more acuracy upon events and situations.

I flipped through Maker and now I’m on to Naked Conversations (third chapter already).

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  1. And thus is proven the power of blogging. Without even having to contact either Scoble or Israel, I have garnered the attention of one of the authors. I’m think I’m going to have to push my dad into reading this.

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