Fuck It

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I just failed Statics, which means assuming that I don’t failing anything else, I will have earned an astounding 8.5 credits this semester and bearly just over 20 credits for the entire fucking school year. This blows. I’m $60,000 in school debt, which isn’t necessarily a a bad thing. But I’m not having fun, I feel misserable academically, and I’m paying out-of-state tuition for this. It doesn’t make sense and it feels like I’m having to try hard to say. Let’s play this out. It will now take a minimum of three more years of college just to get my BS. $33,000/year is an additional $100,000 grand. So I leave with around $160,000 in debt. Now let’s consider even the UW. In-state tuition is $5,000/year. Which means that I could go to school for 12 years and total the cost of going to Mines. Mines is good, but it’s not 12 better than UW. But what would I lose. Not much really. Yes, I have friends and skiing and some family in Colorado, but I have more/better friends in Seattle and it’s not like I’m a professional skiier. Houseing would be taken care and I really woudn’t need a car since I could ride the bus, which would be fine. Leaving the radio station would suck, but I could find something else. The weather would also suck, but I can live with that. So why am I still here. I have no fucking idea. I really think this is it. It doesn’t make sense to be here any more.

Update: Cleartext’d