PSA: Living Library on Dead Day!

The times they are a-changin’.

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This is a Public Service Announcement:

Sigma Lambda is holding the 1st Living Library on Dead Day between 11am-5pm in the library.

So you are asking yourself what is Living Library?? Living Library is where students will ‘check out’ other people to become more knowledgeable about different races, sexes, interests, clubs, and so much more. The main point is to help get rid of the stereotypes on the CSM campus and to
learn more about people that they didn’t know about before.

All right, that’s the official announcement. Here’s my bit:
It’s at the CSM Arthur Lakes Library (Google Map). I’ll be there from 11am to 3pm answering all your questions. My keywords are:

  • Christian (Presbyterian)
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Straight (The event is sponsored by Sigma Lambda, the CSM Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Club)
  • Politically independent
  • Trekkie (As in: Fan of Star Trek)
  • Computer Guru (or nerd, geek, etc)
  • Web Developer
  • Chief Engineer – Mines Internet Radio
  • ADD
  • Photography and Film
  • Electronics in general
  • …anything else I can think of

There’s free coffee and if your interested in being checked out, there’s still time! Contact Rachel at ratrujil at mines dot edu.

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2 thoughts on “PSA: Living Library on Dead Day!”

  1. that sounds like an awesome event..
    Do you wear the keywords on your nametag? Or do you sit at a booth and have people come up to you? How does it work?

  2. It should be an awesome event. I hope to actually check some people out when my stint is done (not that check out).

    I’m not actually quite sure how it’s going to be organized. I believe that there will be booths where were can do homework while we wait to be checked out. There are tables and study rooms all around the library, so the idea is to go to one of those for the duration of the checkout. Other than that, I’m not actually sure.

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