CountdownTimer v1.4

The times they are a-changin’.

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This is the first release using the WordPress SVN. It’s kind of been cool using the SVN because it is easier to see what changes have been made from version to version. In any event, this release has a couple of updates. First, there is an option to include the timer from within the WP Loop, that is you can now display the timer from within a post or page (see instructions for the specifics). The idea came from Ronny a mere four days ago, just to give you an idea of the turn around time on suggestions to release. Because of the way the plugin is implemented, I also had to modify the main function that gets the ball rolling on displaying the timer. It’s designed to be backwards compatible, so you shouldn’t have any problems. I also had to rewrite parts of the version check system to work with the SVN. The format is actually much better and just calls one text file which lists the latest version (i.e. “1.4”). It compares that to the current version and let’s you know if there’s a new version. Simple! As always, you can turn the feature off.

03-16-2006 – Current VersionCountdown Timer v1.4

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