EDays 2006

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

While the photos finish uploading, let me tell you about EDays.

Thursday’s fireworks were delayed a day because of high winds. That really put a damper on things because the fireworks show pretty much marks the start of EDays. I skipped out on the Ore Cart Pull because it was raining and I didn’t really feel like walking to Denver in the rain. By around 3pm, the skies had cleared and the field events were on. They didn’t have the bungee run, like last year, but they had an inflatable Rat Race, oxygen bar, DDR, and paintball contest (it was put on by the Army and you had to do push ups before you shot).

The theme was Maui Wow-EDays (yea, I don’t make these up) and so there was a Fire Dancing performance.

And that was just the first day on the fields. The second day saw the trebuchet competition and various mining activities.

Backing up a day…when the fireworks finally got underway, they were spectacular, even better then last year (which I also learned were more conservative because of a rather ridiculous lawsuit: this guy was trying to sue fireworks company because of some hearing issue he suffered. Dude, it’s a fricken’ fireworks show. Things go BOOM, what were you expecting? A exploding pillows?)

Because the fireworks were moved to Friday, the Everclear concert had to be pushed back and the opening bands act had to be cancelled.

Everclear was okay, I was on a mission to take photographs, so I didn’t really listen to the music…but I wasn’t particularly interested in what I heard. They did play Brown Eyed Girl, which I knew, and that was fun…even though it isn’t their song.

Saturday we had a totally AWSOME BBQ party at our house. We grilled up 10 pounds 4.53 kg of hot dogs and cut of salmon from Costco. Orgy in my mouth! Oh man. The salmon was sooo good. I also had an excellent cigar. But salmon: what an orgy in my mouth.

Around 7:30, just about everyone from the party headed over to see the comedian, Daniel Tosh:

I love the comedians our school brings in. Soo funny.

And that was EDays…or at least everything you need to know about EDays 2006.

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