World Class Cigars

The times they are a-changin’.

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Finding a good cigar shop can be hard to do. There really aren’t that many. In fact, there are only three that I go to in all of North American:

World Class Cigars is the one I just found today. In celebration of EDays (I’ll write about that later), I decided that some fine cigars were in order. Jens, Mike and myself headed over there and it was actually pretty good (at least worthy of being written up). I picked up a couple lower end (~$7/each) cigars. I smoked the first one tonight and I’m going to save the other one for our BBQ on Saturday.

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  1. There’s two on Boylston St. in Boston, too. One’s sorta across from the BPL/Pru (that might by the Glouceter St. one Jeff’s talking about) and the other one’s at Charles St. There’s also at least one in the North End, between Mike’s and the Vittoria Cafe.

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