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The times they are a-changin’.

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Update: See the wikipedia article on Aerotags

I’m creating a new tag for use with Flickr that I hope others will also adopt. It’s an Aero tag that you can tag your photos with to identify them. There are 7 tags:

Aero tagged – This is the header tag that indicates that Aero tags exists for this photo
Tags follow the format aero:{tag_name}={tag_value}

Tag Name Tag Value
airline ICAO airline designator (NOT IATA)
man Who manufactored the plane: Boeing, Airbus, MD, etc
model What model? Do not include the series. For examples, a Boeing 757-200ER would just be “757” and an Aribus A319LR would be “A319”
series What series of the model? Only used for variants on Boeing aircraft. For example, a Boeing 757-200ER would be “200” and a Boeing 727-100 would be “100”
special Special version designator of a type of aircraft. For example, a Boeing 757-200ER would be “ER” and an Airbus A319LR would be “LR”.
airport If a plane is landed or the airport is in the picture, include the ICAO airport code (again, NOT IATA)
tail The tail number from the aircraft, if known

That’s all I have for now. I would hope this becomes an open standard, much like the geotagged tags are.

Note: ICAO is used because it provides unique names, while IATA does not. Values should not be case sensitive.

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