Why the Seahawks Lost

The times they are a-changin’.

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By Jackson West via Om Malik:

The Steelers won by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the Seahawks operating system with a defensive denial of service attack. Though the ‘Hawks often crashed on their own, with their executables throwing exceptions like offensive pass interference. Maybe Bill can buy up all the Steelers and integrate their best features into Paul’s product.


9 thoughts on “Why the Seahawks Lost”

  1. What the hell? I’m pretty sure one Andrew Ferguson is plenty for this world… And I’m pissed that the Seahawks lost.

  2. I grew up a steelers fan so it made me happy to see Bettis get one in his hometown as he was leaving the league. He has been a great asset to the NFL and I wish him well in his broadcasting career.

  3. You are not welcome here screwtape…. *shakes fist violently*
    Joking… anyway,

    Another Andy??? Dum Dum Dummm…. maybe they are like twins, both 20… and they were seperated at birth! But which is the evil one???

    Also, It is disappointing that the Seahawks lost, but we will live… right jeff?

  4. The Seahawks dominated and the Steelers scored more points because of several horrible calls.

    Let’s always remember that the Seahawks earned the championship in 2006 and it was stolen by officials and given to Pittsburgh.

  5. huh? I thought John Kerry’s loss was very clear and free of controversy..it wasn’t nearly as close as in the 2000 election.

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