Told You So

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

From the Inboxen™ of Andrew Ferguson:

A computer, registered to you, with the MAC address referenced on the subject line has a network traffic pattern that most likely indicates that it is either infected with a virus or worm. Regardless of the cause, as part of your agreement with Academic Computing & Networking for network use, you have agreed to insure that your computer does not send disruptive network traffic. This traffic is disruptive, and it is your responsibility to clean, patch, and maintain your computer such that it does not happen. To protect other users and insure the
integrity of the network, we have disabled your network port until your computer has been cleaned and patched. You should not connect your
computer to ANY network port until your computer has been cleaned and patched.

Ugh! Not this again. It’s happened twice before and now it’s happening again. I tell them the same thing every time, “The odds of my computer having a virus are higher then your chances of having the Pneumonic plague.” The result, after two hours running two different scans in Safe Mode, is always the same, “Hmm. That’s weird. We can’t find anything wrong with your computer.”

No shit Sherlock. There was nothing there to begin with! You just wasted both our time on a witch hunt that interestingly enough, didn’t turn up any witches.

I think my new goal in life is to see how many times I can get black listed from the network, only to have nothing on my computer.