Why Mike Webb Was Fired

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Around the beginning of the new year, I noticed something interesting while listening to KIRO 710 AM in Seattle, Erin Hart was filling in for Mike Webb, but she played her show intro music. Typically when a host goes on vacation, the person filling in plays the hosts intro song, not their own. Curious as to if Mike Webb had finally been dooced by KIRO, I check the KIRO website and sure enough, Mike Webb’s profile and show page were gone.

However, I didn’t know if Webb just up and quit or if KIRO finally said enough is enough and fired him. Well, I came across a little post from blatherWatch while Googling another KIRO host:

IF YOU WERE IN KANSAS FOR XMAS, maybe- or in a coma (or…Tacoma) you might not have heard that KIRO Talk host Mike Webb was fired in December after being arrested and charged for felony insurance fraud.

Very interesting. I did a bit more Googling, and came up with this from Northwest Progressive Institute:

In the interest of fairness to Mike (since we’ve been critical of him) his comments are reprinted below. Here’s his say:

If you think KIRO will get a progressive more assertive and accurate and challenging than me, think again. I literally put my life on the line by Coming Out on the air when we had no Will and Grace or Queer As Folk. I told the truth of my life to shocked listeners. At age 15, I was dodging billie clubs and rocks fighting to get stories of Vietnam War protests on the air at KMPX in San Francisco .. Probably when you were in diapers.

And about this thing called “journalism.” Someone told me it’s supposed to be where you get some facts to report. Like: I was not arrested. There was no bail. There was no jail. Someone neglected to include the police report where I was hit by a driver running a stop sign, but I guess that doesn’t matter.

That I shelled out a ton of money because somebody didn’t want to honor their deal. One thing there will be is vindication. If you think journalism – even advocacy journalism (which I strongly support) requires only to link to or reproduce the rantings of a “fake liberal” such as michael hood at blather watch who very “liberally” said I ordered a “BIG DICK” at Dick’s (how nice and “liberally” homophobic) and published a piece that said I should load my “gun, place it to my head, end it all, it’s over”, well maybe a little night school is in order. Another piece of “liberal” enlightenment.

A Real Progressive, Mike Webb

The plot thickens. I dug deeper and finally found an article written by The Seattle Times:

Radio talk-show host Mike Webb has been charged with submitting fraudulent documents to get money from his insurance company after a June traffic accident.

Webb, who has a left-leaning evening radio program on KIRO-AM (710), allegedly produced a forged document indicating he bought a car-insurance policy from Geico before the June 28 accident, police say. The insurance company says Webb bought the policy online one day after the accident, according to charging papers filed in King County Superior Court.

Webb, who pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the charge of filing a fraudulent claim, denied he had forged the document.

He said he believes the charge is a mistake that may have originated from a clerical or electronic error on the insurance company’s part.

He also said that he and his lawyer, Bradley Marshall, are considering the possibility that somebody who “hates” his talk show may have hacked into his computer records. “We are looking into hacking. Some people will do anything to damage you,” said Webb, 50.

In addition, Webb said, he’s suspicious of the timing of the charge because he’s involved in a dispute with Seattle police.

Webb claims he was assaulted by an officer while he and the officer both were waiting in line at a Seattle fast-food restaurant in 2004. He said police made a settlement offer to him the day before the insurance-fraud charge was filed. Seattle police spokesman Rich Pruitt declined to comment because the case hasn’t been resolved.

The Times article goes on and introduces some interesting evidence, definitely worth a read. In the mean time, various personalities have been filling the time slot, I have a sneaking suspicion that Erin Hart will be getting seat in the end though as KIRO has moved the weekend’s “When Radio Was” from the 1am to 3am spot to the 10pm to 1am spot, which it actually used to be years ago.

So, that clears up somethings, although probably opens more doors than it closes. It will be interesting to see what final deal is with Webb.

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