End of Year Summary

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

This is my version of a Christmas Letter. I’ve had a rather interesting time thinking about what I want to put in this summary, mostly because my year starts and end around August 20th. So I have to adjust how I think about time. In any event, this is the month by month report of 2005:








  • Canada and Vodka
  • The Great Ferguson Theater Renovation of 2005
  • I water skied on Lake Washington…before work!
  • Jeff and Carin have their baby (Ben Towne)
  • I’m the editor for Team Seattle’s Filmerica film
  • James Doohan dies


  • AFdN crashed. Hard.
  • I flew back to Colorado
  • We setup The CSM Broadcasting Club equipment
  • I’m diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia (side affect of Adderall)
  • I learned how to bare foot
  • I consider rushing, but don’t
  • Sophomore year begins
  • MIR (Mines Internet Radio) starts broadcasting


  • Dunstan, the Cat
  • LON-CAPA sucks
  • Katrina, Clusterfuck, Michael Brown
  • Neil Boyd passed away


  • I interview with, and apply, to the CIA
  • The DARPA Grand Challenge has a winner…in only two years
  • Flock
  • BURL
  • Rosa Parks died
  • Skiiing!


  • Sulu’s gay
  • Old Capital Grill fire
  • CAPA crash
  • Start writing for StudentTabletPC.com
  • Lunch with Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey
  • Kissing Sony Goodbye
  • Office 12 Beta
  • Dan and Becky Holland are pregnant
  • Riya Alpha
  • Firefox 1.5


  • Seattle Fire Department hires Andy Collins
  • CIA says no thanks
  • A Federal Air Marshal guns down someone on a plane
  • Project 42
  • Finals
  • Boeing Interview
  • The real saga of Physics starts
  • Chris and Lindsay are married
  • Chronic of Narnia (This one)
  • Windows Messenger Live Beta
  • Boeing hires me for the summer
  • Darren says he’s moving to NY
  • I meet or exceed all of my 2005 resolutions and create a bunch for 2006

Update I: I’ve added links to the first three months.

Update II: I’ve added link for April-June.