2006 Resolutions

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

  1. Write 1000 posts on AFdN
  2. Engage in more relationships*
  3. Manage my time better
  4. Watch no commercial TV on TV (i.e. PBS/BBC is OK)
  5. B in Calc III
  6. Take a photo everyday (and make it an intereseting one!)

*While this resolution does not specificly mention a dating relationship, the end goal would be a courtship (or whatever the hell you want to call it). However, I can not strongly emphezie enought that this is not me trying to get some “booty” nor am I just picking some random girl to date. Social anxiety has been one of my weak points over the years and in the last 5 years or so I have spent a great deal of time working to overcome it. This simply seems like the next logical step. The general idea was to be more outgoing.

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