In case you didn’t know…

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

[four things you drink frequently]

  1. gatorade (or other generic sports drink)
  2. dr. pepper
  3. orange juice
  4. water

[four tv shows you liked when you were a kid]

  1. inspector gadget
  2. sesame street
  3. mr. rogers neighborhood
  4. mission: impossible (the original version)

[four places to go in your area]

  1. campus
  2. safeway
  3. woody’s
  4. burger king

Note: The text below was chopped off for some reason in the original post.

[four things to do when you’re bored]

  1. update my web site
  2. read my newsfeeds or a book
  3. watch the news
  4. clean out my Inboxen

[four things that never fail to cheer you up]

  1. talking with people (what are the chances 6.2×109 can’t cheer me up?
  2. reading, either a book or the news
  3. skiing
  4. dunstan, my cat

[four things you can’t live without *in no specific order*]

  1. tablet pc
  2. internet
  3. email
  4. cellphone

[about ten years ago… *list three things*]

  1. began wearing glasses
  2. wore a casio tv remote control watch
  3. i just got on the internet

[about two years ago… *list three things*]

  1. just finished apply to all my colleges
  2. we had a snow day! (perhaps my last one ever?)
  3. i turned 18 and smoked my first cigar


  1. went to bed and woke up at a resonable time for the first time in a week
  2. accepted boeing internship
  3. finished printing out postcards for my mom

[ten things you love]

  1. my family
  2. my friends
  3. god (yes, cliche)
  4. my bible study
  5. skiing
  6. programming
  7. accomplishing projects
  8. flying
  9. shorts (as in not pants)
  10. learning

[ten things you hate]

  1. people who don’t keep their promises (no matter how little/big they are)
  2. being left out
  3. drinking water when I’m not thirsty
  4. misunderstandings
  5. current politics
  6. chores
  7. homework
  8. classes i don’t need, but have to take anway
  9. money
  10. people who talk about things they have no clue about

[four things on your desk]

  1. dvd +/- writer
  2. port replicator
  3. stereo (from ’91!)
  4. lamp

[seven facts about you]

  1. i’ve been skiing for 16 years (…and I’ve never snowboarded)
  2. i’m from seattle, but both my parents are from colorado
  3. i skydived once and i’d do it again
  4. before picking electrical engineering, i wanted to be a computer science major. before that i wanted to be a lawyer.
  5. i have sinus tachycardia, a side effect of taking adderall for ADD
  6. 139 IQ
  7. 1340 SAT

[seven artists/bands that i listen to]

  1. u2
  2. billy joel
  3. the beatles
  4. dmb
  5. queen
  6. led zepplin
  7. frank sinatra

[top nine things you like about the opposite sex]

  1. intelligent
  2. knowledgable
  3. independent
  4. funny
  5. ambitious
  6. caring
  7. sweet
  8. athletic
  9. god-fearing

Thanks to Audrey
for the distraction