Windows Live Messenger beta

I just threw on Windows Live Messenger Beta. Looks interesting. I’ll post more after I’ve used it for a while.

I also have 3 2 invites. If you want one, leave a comment stating why you should receive an invite (bribes are welcomed encouraged). The top 3 2 commenters will receive an invite.

Entry deadline is 12/23/2005 23:59:59 MST.

Note: I also giving away two of them over at

Update: Two left!

7 Replies to “Windows Live Messenger beta”

  1. it would make for a great christmas present!i just love msn messenger and using the new live messenger would really be awsome,so id be really glad if you can send me one.ill make you something cool for christmas if you like!

    merry christmas tommorow and a happy 2006!

  2. Hey mate, well as Im still recovering from new year celebrations, trust me I am, I need to catch up on all the goss with my mates and have the bragging rights to having wlm. so please please please pick me

  3. i’v been try every where, u could safe me, please!!!, don’t let me go down, don’t let me touch the bottom!!!!!!, bring to the light!!!!

  4. I would be very much appreciate an invite I am a computer geek who is trying to become a beta tester I just can’t find a way to do it. But this messenger would be a great start for me. I very Much would appreciate.

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