I’m at the Apple Store and Blogging

Heh. Just like Scoble (mini, not regular), I’m at the Apple Store in Littleton, waiting for Goodwin to get his iBook. I guess there is some sort of Credit Card issue.

Of things to note:

  • The mighty mouse is pretty frickin’ awesome. I wonder if they have a Bluetooth version?
  • The WordPress tools don’t show up in Safari.
  • I’m wearing pants

Goodwin just came over and reports that the credit card issue has been fixed. So long story short, Cass (who I just met tonight) drove Goodwin and myself down to the Apple store. She, for some reason, is also buying the laptop. Go figure. Anyway, she has a $1000/day spending limit on her card and she bought groceries this morning. That put the laptop over the $1000/day limit. So she had to use her debit card and credit card to purchase the iBook, even though they are linked to the same account.

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