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Jeff Staples sent out an email to our Bible study about using Google as his personalized start pages (or home pages or entry pages or whatever-you-really-want-to-call-it pages).

But there are many more personalizable entry pages.
Microsoft has been working on Microsoft Live.com (which now boasts Firefox support).
Download Squad, TechCrunch (Ajax Desktops Won’t Stop, Protopage v 2.0, Zoozio – Hey, Another AJAX Desktop! ), and Lifehacker (Create a personalized homepage with Protopage) have all mentioned the following:

  • Protopage
  • Zoozio is still doing invite-only beta testing, but looks promising
  • NetVibes is the current favorite of TechCrunch
  • Goowy is more of a desktop then an entry page, but it’s still cool. It uses Flash, not AJAX though.
  • Eskobo is the latest contender. TechCrunch just reported about it today. Worth a look.

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