Server Compromised

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 15 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Stephanie Savage, the VP of The CSM Broadcasting Club, sent me an email last night telling me the server was down. Ryan Goodwin went over to the office to check it out. Nothing doing.

I just got an email from AC&N (Academic Computing and Networking) saying that our server had been “compromised.” I had Goodwin take preventive measures (i.e. turn the server off). He’s going to format it and setup Linux on it.

Seeing as he’s the Linux guru, I’m letting him go for it.


3 thoughts on “Server Compromised”

  1. Yeah, it would be nearly done already if it wasn’t for silly intel using silly broadcom gblan chips…

    I’d really like to know wtf “compromised” means. If it’s a php exploit or something someone pulled, putting the site back up will only result in more compromises, heh.

  2. Yea me too. I left Martin a voice mail and he emailed me back shortly thereafter:

    Andrew, I got your voicemail, and good to hear. Even with Linux/Apache,
    one still has to keep up on the security updates and the like.

    Thanks for the quick response.


    I sent him an email asking for more specifics. We’ll see what that turns up.

  3. This was quick:

    Andrew, all that the report was that there was were defaced pages and that it might be attempting to propagate to other hosts beyond the CSM network. The initial report came from Univ. Texas – Austin’s ITS Security group, so best guess is that it probed their network somehow.


    Go figure.

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