Netflix lawsuit settlement details

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 15 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I use NetFlix and love it a lot. This should be cool. From BoingBoing:

Geektronica says: Netflix has settled a lawsuit with … Frank Chavez, who spent $300 filing a suit complaining that you can’t actually rent ‘unlimited’ DVDs from the company.

“Netflix apparently does throttle accounts that rent more than 12 DVDs a month, which they admit in their TOS. They do this so light users get priority over heavy users.

“The company is offering a one-month, one-disc free upgrade to all customers (which they will charge you for if you don’t cancel after the month is over). Big w00t. Chavez got $2,000, and his lawyers got $2,528,000.

Netflix fan reports, and tells you how to opt out of the class. If more than 5% of members opt out, the decision will be invalidated.” Link


3 thoughts on “Netflix lawsuit settlement details”

  1. I received a notice of the class action and that i was a paid Netflix member before Jan 15 2005 on Nov 2, 2005….I was a current member of Netflix at the time and yes every detail in this lawsuit is sadly true Netflix does limit accounts and Netflix will hold on to returned dvds and release only when they want to I have tested them many times …..they are in total control…

    My problem is that I have my letter of qualifying for this action and I agree the settlement is a joke….but Netflix has tied my current email address of to my other email address of which I still have and now states I am not eligible for anything…is this legal???/

    Thanks for any help…..


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