The times they are a-changin’.

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It was cool. I learned the intricacies of such games as Beer Pong and King’s Cup. It was cool. I got some good pictures which will be up next month, when I get more bandwidth on Flickr. As I found out over the summer, I’m not a beer man, so I stuck to my Mike’s. We only had four bottles, so a run was made to King Supers to get more. Even though KS is open 24/7, apparently you can’t buy alcohol after midnight. So that was a bust. The guys next door have a hookah, so I tried that as it’s been on my to-do list since the summer. It was interesting and I learned how to blow smoke rings. I didn’t get home until 3, which gave me only about 6 hours of sleep until dad came to pick me up the next morning.

Update: Photos are up on Flickr!


2 thoughts on “Party”

  1. you never mentioned anything about the 9 people in the shower. can you send me those pictures? thnx man

  2. Heh. Forgot about that one. So as part of King’s Cup, after the 4th King is drawn, the person who draws the King has to drink the Kings cup as prescribed by the three previous person who drew the King. So this girl, who’s name I fail to remember, I’ll call her Jane, draws the 4th King. For the record, I’m not playing at this point in time. Anyway, Jane has to drink the King’s Cup in the bathroom, upside down over the toilet seat, with this fake parrot strapped to her head. So we all pile into the bathroom and watch her do it.

    Dave realizes that this is the most people he’s ever had in his bathroom and that no one is in the shower. So we see how many people can fit in the shower. I think it was like nine or ten people. And this is a really small corner shower.

    Pictures will be up in exactly one week. I’ll post another comment here with the URL to the pictures. Don’t you love waiting? For the record, I don’t send pictures out for two reasons. First, my pictures are at least 2MB each (that’s what I get for wanting a 6.1MP camera. Many email accounts won’t let you send/receive messages with attachments over a certain size and I don’t care to work around that. Second, If I send pictures to one person, I pretty much have to send them to anyone else who asks and I don’t care to do that either. In short, I love point-to-multipoint and hate multipoint-to-point.

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