So Yea, Physics Kicked 我的臀部 My Ass

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The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 15 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

So physics definitely kicked my ass tonight: 45/100. It’ll be curious to see what Kelso (our teacher, Chris Kelso) says in class tomorrow about everyone else’s grades. Matt Matteson got a 25, bravo my boy, bravo! Feel free to join me in my pool of self pity that I am now going to wallow in for the remainder of the night.

Those from Mines who happen to read this and are in Physics I, or who remember what their 2nd Physics I test score was: feel free to leave a comment with your numerical grade.


6 thoughts on “So Yea, Physics Kicked <ins>我的臀部</ins> <del>My Ass</del>”

  1. AJ – I’m sorry to hear about your grade, maybe the teacher was on crack the day he created the test. Who knows. Now, young man, about the language used in the title of your most recent post. Tsk, Tsk. I KNOW your mother! And I KNOW your mother would not approve of the A__ word, I know I don’t. So, if you’d like me to read your postings than you’ll just have to water them down or use some wing-ding characters OR do like the crew on Serenity, use Chinese!

  2. When I used theBabelfish to translate “my ass” into Chinese, it gave me: ????
    This roughly translates to “my donkey” which I guess just goes show you how weird the English language is. So tried “my arse” which gave me: ????
    This translates into “my buttocks”. I guess that will work. Renaming post now…

  3. So as for the rest of the class. The average score was around a 56 with a standard deviation of 23. Yes, 23. So I was pretty much right on with my astounding 45.

    Good news and some more good news. Kelso put the exact same test up online, just with different numbers. We have two weeks to complete it. In two weeks, he will take the percentage the correct answers and multiply it by 15, then add that to our original score. This means that I should be able to get a 60. So I could go from a 45 to an F. Right.

    The more good news: our lowest score will be dropped and replaced with out final score if our final score is higher. So, do well on the final and this little event will have never happened. So I could go from a 45 to an F to (in theory) an A. Sounds good!

  4. Yeah my 2nd test I though I did awesome on, and I got somewhere near failing…maybe it was failing…anyway, it was bad. But then on the retake I managed a B, it’s insane that you guys don’t get retakes.

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