Woke Up This Morning: Sick

I think I’m getting sick. Woke up this morning with a really bad stuffy nose. Headache developed mid day. Went to Safeway and got a thermocouple, err digital thermometer for those that don’t go to Mines.

96.8° F


Update: 98.2° F @ 6:54pm MDT

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  1. From WebMD:

    Most people think of a “normal” body temperature as an oral temperature of 98.6 °F(37 °C). This is an average of normal body temperatures. Your temperature may actually be 1°F (0.6°C) or more above or below 98.6 °F(37 °C). Also, your normal body temperature changes by as much as 1°F (0.6°C) throughout the day, depending on how active you are and the time of day.

    I’m not too worried about being a little “low”. I’m more worried when it starts to creep up toward 100°F and my brain cells start to fry.

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