New Battery on its Way

Over the past week or so, my battery has been on the fritz. It works fine until it gets to just under 50%. Then it goes from 50% to 3% and says “time to plug in!” Hmm. Not right. Sometimes, I can’t even get through a single class and there’s no way I can get through two classes without plugging in. This is not acceptable. So I called up CTI Denver, which is the ONLY Toshiba Certified Repair Center in literally a 250 mile radius of where I live. “No problem,” they say. Battery should be here by the end of the week. If we don’t give you a call by then, call us back next week. Awesome! Only one downside: I have to drive down to Lone Tree, which is 30 minutes away 🙁

I’m also thinking about getting a second battery. It’s around $130. Thoughts?

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