New Project – Flickr for Video

The times they are a-changin’.

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This is just a short announcement. I’m currently working on a Flickr-type concept for videos. I do know that there are some Flickr type companies already out there, but none of them have what I want. So, time to invent the wheel. I’ve started to lay down some code, but nothing worth showing yet. Check back for a preview in a couple weeks (around Halloween). In the meantime, I’m starting a contest to name this yet-to-be named service. The winning entry will receive a lifetime subscription to the yet-to-be named service. EMAIL me your suggetions. Winner will be announced after the 31st. Feel free to submit as many suggestions as you like. Multiple suggestions per an email are OK. If you have any suggetions for my new project, definitely send them along. Really good suggestions may even be rewarded!