I Wonder What It Would Take For Scoble To Read My Blog

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I got tired of using Thunderbird for my RSS viewing. Yes, it works great if you just read a handful of feeds, but I’ve been adding a bunch lately and I’m looking for more. But back tracking a bit: I did some poking around on TDavid‘s site and Scoble‘s site to see what they were using. Scoble uses FeedDemon and TDavid is still looking for program that works well with tablet view and whatnot. At the recommendation of TDavid, also took a look at what Wikipedia was linking to. After looking at a couple dozen programs, I downloaded Jet Brains Omea Reader, FeedDemon, and GreatNews RSS Reader. GreatNews I dumped right away because I didn’t like the way is displayed each blog as a collection of newspaper articles. FeedDemon and Omea Reader I like better, however FeedDemon costs money to own and the interface was not to my liking. Specifically, it was hard to delete posts and when I did delete them, they would come back. So I dumped it yesterday, leaving Omea Reader (OR) as the winner, for now. So what does this have to do with trying to get Scoble to read me. Well, I’m getting there. FeedDemon massively populated their program with tons of blogs. I wanted more, so I turned to Scoble who is also complaining about how many feeds he just has to read. So I downloaded his OPML file and imported it into OR. I’m not quite sure how many feeds he reads, but I just imported almost 16,000 posts…so I’m guessing it’s a lot. Here’s the thing though. Looking at just the first dozen feeds, Scoble doesn’t read all tech blogs. Some feeds are updated several times a day, some every couple days, and some every couple weeks or even months. It seems to me that Scoble has a pretty good cross section of blogs.

So here’s my question to Scoble (and I’ll probably email this to him too):
What does it take to get on your feed list? You seem to have a very nice cross section of feeds. Here is why I think you should read mine. I’m from Seattle and grew up with Microsoft in my backyard, so to speak. Now I’m at college in a quaint little town called Golden going to the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), arguably one of the best schools in the mid-west for engineering. I’m planning on being an electrical engineer, but I also might go back to the UW and get a degree in computer sciences. I am ambitious. And perhaps most importantly, I am the future. I may not be joining the workforce for another half-decade or so, but I what I’m learning at CSM and what I discus on my site is what the future is going to be. Besides, I’m the #1 hit for “Andrew Ferguson” on Google, what more do you want?