Countdown Timer Version 1.0

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 15 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

It’s taken some time, but AFdN Countdown Timer has finally reached maturity…well, at least version 1.0. There are some big changes that you will need to know about before you upgrade to version 1.0!

Changes affect those who upgrade:
First and foremost, data from versions 0.95 (inclusive) and before will not work with version 1. I tried to make it work, but it was too hard and too complicated. If you have tons of dates and don’t want to write them all down, it should be easy enough to write a small script to move them. If there is enough feedback, I may even write it. The data is stored in an array in the WordPress Database called “afdn_countdowntracker”. If you call the array foobar, then the old data was formated like this:

thisOldDate = $foobar[$i][“date”]
thisOldText = $foobar[$i][“text”]

The new data is formated like this:

thisNewDate = $foobar[“oneTime”][$i][“date”]
thisNewText = $foobar[“oneTime”][$i][“text”]


thisNewDate = $foobar[“recurring”][$i][“date”]
thisNewText = $foobar[“recurring”][$i][“text”]

In short, an addional array was added. So, before you upgrade, write down all those important dates. Second, the template tag has been renamed to follow better coding standards. It is now called afdn_countdownTimer, there are still no parameters to pass to it.

For those installing Countdown Timer for the first time, welcome! It should be pretty easy to install. Just download the phps file. Once you’ve downloaded it, rename it with a .php extention and then upload it to your WordPress plugins directory. Go to your WP Admin panel and activate it, then go to your Options panel and click “Countdown Timer” and customize it. Don’t forget to add
<php afdn_countdownTimer(); ?> to your sidebar.php file or wherever you would like to put it.

I am but one man with only so many ideas. If you don’t see something you like, leave a comment and it will usually get it.

Before I forget, I need to throw out this warning for those of you who are somewhat paranoid. There is a new feature that, if enabled, will ask my server if there is a new version of the plugin availible. It is a simple HTTP POST request to
(view the source here). The file looks another file called (found here) and then returns an appropriate string. No data is collected except for standard Apache web logs. Of the standard logs generated, I do not parse them to see who is checking for updates. If you want, you are more than welcome to write your own version checker, or run my version from your server, and remotely call the file.

That’s about it. Check the change log for a very concise rundown of changes and upgrades.


7 thoughts on “Countdown Timer Version 1.0”

  1. Not within the next few weeks. I have a bunch of exams this week and one next week and I’m getting over a pretty nasty virus right now, so I have some catching up to do for class. There are also not a whole lot of updates I need the throw in. If would like to generate a wish list of things you would like, just leave ’em in another comment and I’ll add the one’s I like to my to do list.

    So in four words: Check back around Thanksgiving.

  2. ok, this is what i’d like to see implemented:

    – the hability to customize the output in an easy way?, maybe integrated on the interface… like, “Oct 08 15:00 : Event blabla (an this text acts as link)”

    btw, i added an event on 1.0, as recurrent in the following format:

    15:00 -0400 11/20

    and next ocurrance says:
    Next Occurance
    Sun, 20 Nov 2005 16:00:33 -0300

    timezone is changed….

    well, that’s it. i just love your interface, its pretty easy to add events…

  3. Not quite. I have a physics exam on Tuesday and a Chem Exam on Friday (a week from tomorrow). I think I’m going to be out of town that weekend, so check back on Monday…maybe.

  4. I’m having an issue with v1.1 of you plugin. Everthing seems to install and activate fine, but the admin panel doesn’t show up under Options. Any thoughts? I’m running v1.5.2 of WordPress with php 4.3.10.

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