I Remember: Playing Baseball Until Dusk

We played baseball in our backyard:
my brother, my neighbors (Eddie & Chris), and me

Home was in front of the brick wall,
First was the rockwall, next to the garden,
Second was the crack that marked the pathway,
Third was planter, next to the cliff.

We played two on two,
with lots of ghostrunners.

We played until the sun went behind the house,
past the trees, and out of sight.

We played until we couldn’t see,
and then we played no more.

Getting on Top of the Ball

As we’re walking down to Woody’s, Mike has some papers that he looking over for a test he has tomorrow. Vulgar languange will ensue:

“What test you studying for?” I ask.

“Human Systems,” Mike says, slightly perplexed.

“Oh fuck!” I proclaim. “I thought our test wasn’t until after Thanksgiving Break.”

So yea, just found out I have a test in about 12 hours. As I least I caught the ball before it was pretty much too late, unlike last year when I didn’t realize I had a C++ final until about 4 hours before the test.

My Day Has Been Made

My day has been made! I was convinced that I had failed my calc II exam. I dreaded even going to class today. But I went anyways and to my great suprise, I got a 72! The class average is 75.

I’m happy. My day has been made.

Use Flock, Get Free Hosted WordPress

I literally just stumbled on this on accident. I was going to Robert Scoble’s hosted WP site and typed it in slightly wrong. As it happened, I was using Flock and I was recognized as such. And I was gifted a free hosted WordPress.com site. VERY COOL. Although you actually don’t have to have Flock to get it. If you’re using Firefox and have the User Agent Switcher Extension, just create a new UA with the following User Agent string:

Flock/0.4 Firefox/1.0+

Then go to WordPress.com and enjoy!

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I Have Skiied

Yes folks, I hit the slopes today setting a personal record for the earliest ski season start. In typical years, I usually don’t get up until very late December or early January. But not this year. Less than a week after A-Basin open, I was skiing. I think this is also the first time I’ve skiied before Peter Walchenbach has skiied (read as: die hard ski-bum who almost failed Juniorsophomore hear year in HS becuase because he went skiing so much and now works at Jackson Hole). This will be an awesome year!

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Saw II

I’m not going to put any spoilers in here. But I will say that Saw II was an awesomly-great movie, even better than the first one. I didn’t see the trailer (the theatrical trailer that is, not to be confused with the teaser) before the movie and I would suggest you not see it either. If you must see a trailer, see the teaser. It doesn’t reveal as much and will make the movie significantly better. As a warning, this is a very violent movie and not for the faint of heart. Even I flintched a couple times. Here’s my one little hint, four is better than three.

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I Think It Was a Date

I’m not really quite sure what sparked the idea:

Andrew Ferguson: would you be interested in seeing a movie tonight?
Laura L: yeah, like a late one?
Andrew Ferguson: what ever works for you
Andrew Ferguson: personally I want to go see Saw II
Andrew Ferguson: last showing is at 10:35 at UA Denver West 12
Laura L: that’s looks freaky…in a good way
Andrew Ferguson: lol
Andrew Ferguson: yes it does
Laura L: brb
Laura L: sorry i’m back
Laura L: yeah 10 35 sounds good
Laura L: i kinda want to get out of the apt while amy and kevin are here too…give them a little time alone
Andrew Ferguson: lol
Andrew Ferguson: sounds good
Laura L: do you need a ride?
Andrew Ferguson: maybe
Andrew Ferguson: it seems rather impractical for you to drive all the way over here and back (twice) when the theater is right by your place
Laura L: yeah it does, can you bribe someone with a car to come along?
Andrew Ferguson: I’m going to ask my roommate if I can borrow his car.
Andrew Ferguson: he’s not going anywhere tonight
Laura L: nifty
Andrew Ferguson: yes
Laura L: alright i’m off, give me a call and let me know if you need a ride, if not, i’ll meet you at like 1030?
Andrew Ferguson: sounds good
Laura L: is that the theatre on the qdoba side or the chipotle side?
Andrew Ferguson: don’t know
Andrew Ferguson: how about i just meet you at your place and then we can go from there?
Laura L: sounds good
Laura L: see you then

Oxford English Dictionary defines “date” as such:

date, n.2:
c. An appointment or engagement at a particular time, freq. with a person of the opposite sex; a social activity engaged in by two persons of opposite sex. Cf. blind date. Also attrib. colloq.

d. A person of the opposite sex with whom one makes or has made an appointment or engagement. colloq. (orig. and chiefly U.S.).

So yes, I think that it counts as a date.

Write This Down

Don’t worry about what they mean (although you get bonus points if you tell me how there were created):




Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons @ Mines

Just about every Friday, Mines Activity Council (MAC) has a comedian come and perform. I usually try and go to the comedian, but I’ve been so busy on Friday’s that I haven’t been able to make it until now. It was well worth it and I’m going to try my best to go every week now. Here’s one of my favorite lines:

“So The Colorado School of Mines, eh? One of the most premiere engineering schools in the country. I kind of like this place. Um, what’s the building with the stacks over there? Oh, a brewery? Yea, this place will just fine. I’m just going to go set my bags down over there, ok?”