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The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 15 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

One of the things I’m working on at Mines is being more social. This is a very critical skill, and one that I am getting better at, but am not proficient at. So I have enlisted the help of Katie, who’s in my Calc II and Chem II class to help me be more social.

So here I am on a Friday night, doing some web site stuff. Incidentally, I happened to also be doing some web site stuff for the tele club (which Katie is co-captain of). So tell her to check it out and we talk about what else should be on the site. Here’s where the conversation picks ups:

Katie: But, this doesn’t count as being social. It’s friday, go hang out with your friends!
Andrew: do you, dave, or anyone else have any more pictures we can use?
Andrew: ok
Andrew: what are you doing?
Katie: I can get you some, and Allison probably has some
Andrew: ok
Andrew: cool
Katie: I’m going out in a couple mintues
Andrew: anything fun?
Andrew: Possibly, some party I guess.
Katie: I have no idea.
Andrew: lol
Andrew: well
Andrew: i’m off

I Window+L’d my computer (locked it), closed the lid, put it aside and headed out. I decided to ride up to Weaver Towers to see what was going on up there. Not really a whole lot. Although Mike was watching Robin William: Live on Broadway (which is freaking awesome and you should see it if you haven’t). Then Ryan came in to see who was going to this party. Sounded like something fun to do, so I headed out with Mike, Ryan, Holly, and Stacey. We got to the party and who do I find there. Yea, Katie. Weird. But it was good. I rediscovered for the last time that I don’t like beer, no matter who makes it. And then I was nominated to DD. We ended up not coming home until like 6:30 in the morning. So I think this constitutes the first real party I’ve been to.

Other highlights of the night:

  • The Police showing up because of noise
  • Katie reminding us that Police are people too
  • Katie talking Tera out of smoking a cigarette (although no one knows if Katie succeeded)
  • Sleeping for ~2 hours at the party

5 thoughts on “Being Social”

  1. “One of the things I?m working on at Mines is being more social. This is a very critical skill, and one that I am getting better at, but am not proficient at.”

    I have observed differently..

    – You are social and introverted.

    – You follow social norms less than most people do.

  2. Oh so our taco party wasn’t a REAL party then now was it? There was alcohol…just not a lot of it…and it’s never a party without me and Amy right?
    Hehehe just kidding, and compared to your average mines guy, you are relatively more social, nothing to worry about there.

  3. I would call it more of a gathering of friends. You should have another party soon perhaps with some more alcohol.

    Once I know someone, I do tend to be social. It’s that first hump of introducing myself and getting to know someone that is difficult (mostly become I am introverted).

    This is probably why there is confusion about my social skills.

  4. So back to Quinn’s comment.

    Yes, I am most definitely introverted. What does that mean for me? I have a harder time meeting new friends. So while I may have fewer friends, those that I do have I stay in good contact with. This can lead the impression of me being social, which I am once I get to know someone.

    And yes, I don’t follow social norms as much as other people do. I think this has to do with not being as social, especially when I was little; or perhaps being part of a different social group. I was not introduced to “social norms” so I have no idea as to what they are. This also most likely contributes to my being introverted. Of the social norms that I am aware of, I often find many of them asinine…at least for my purposes, which may be where I’m going wrong. 😉

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