This Is a True Story

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Quinn just sent me this link. This is from Quinn’s roommates website, who runs Northwest Poker School:

This is a true story. Not Hollywood true. These are the actual events of September 21, 2005.

This morning/afternoon Quinn (my roommate) woke up, knocked on my door and said, “So this guy just called me and wants me to bail him out of jail.”

“What the fuck?” I replied.
“Yeah, he’s a pro that I know who plays at Goldies a lot. He also plays 10/20 online.”

After mulling it over for a little while, Quinn decided he was going to bail the guy out. Convinced that the guy would pay him back, Quinn reasoned that it would be alright to bail the guy out for $500. The problem is that you can’t bail somebody out without collateral. In this case, the collateral was $5000.

Quinn gave a big FUCK THAT to the idea.

As it turns out, the guy had been busted for Burglary 2. Burglary 2 is essentially normal burglary in which one gains illegal access to private property without permission or proper notification for the express purpose of committing illegal action. For a first-time offender it carries an average sentence of two months.

Upon returning from pick-up ultimate Frisbee at Dahl Field, Quinn sent me a message on AIM:

iski4fun12345: hey
iski4fun12345: so if edwin kim shows up at the apartment
iski4fun12345: don’t let him in
iski4fun12345: and call the cops if you want
mstrsean2004: oh.
iski4fun12345: he’s been arrested 11 times in the last year
iski4fun12345: i still haven’t figured out how he’s been arrested 11 times and he’s not in jail
iski4fun12345: er
iski4fun12345: not in prison
mstrsean2004: what the fuck…
iski4fun12345: this whole situation makes me want to buy a glock

The best part is that Quinn’s at his parents house tonight for his dad’s birthday party, which means that I’m the one who should have a firearm in my possession right now since Quinn said told Edwin he’d post bail, but changed his mind and didn’t do it.