August Update

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 18 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

In case you’ve been out of touch with reality for the last few weeks, here’s a quick recap of what going on in my life for the month of August (’cause we all know it’s about the Ferg):

In the three weeks that I’ve been in Colorado and the week or so that I’ve actually been in school, a lot has happened. First I moved into my house and at some point, I promise to post pictures to my site. I’m the chief engineer for our brand spankin’ new Internet Radio Station (Mines Internet Radio, or MIR as we call it [cue the Soviet jokes just about…]). That involved quite a bit of running around and cajoling (yes, that is a real word). But the fruits of my labor have almost paid off. Check out now to see what little we have, but don’t forget to check back in about a week or so to see how much things have changed (in short, we’re waiting on some licenses so we are sort of limited to what we can do right now). The Sunday before school started, I went this little community church not far from where I live. It was awesome, even though the service was a little long this week (2+ hours). I didn’t go last Sunday because of a scheduling snafu, but I plan on going this Sunday. I also think I found a Bible Study with some other Sophomores. School started last Tuesday. It was definitely (see, I can spell that word now) a different experience than last year. I actually knew who some of my teachers where and, more importantly, where I was going. For the record, I am taking Calculus II, Chemistry II, Physics I, Physics Studio (the lab part of Physics I), Human Systems, and Handball. I plan on not only passing each class, but doing so with good marks. Tomorrow, something interesting will happen between 12 and 1pm MDT time, so check my site tomorrow anytime after that for the low down on what’s going on. I’ll even post a spoiler in the morning, but only viewable to those that register at my site (yes, a little shameless marketing):