One Down, One to Go

We were supposed to come back with two cats, but we ended up with only one. The cat that I wanted doesn’t like other cats. Poo. So we’re going to check the Denver Dumb Friends League on Friday (or maybe tomorrow if I can make it work). Ben’s cat is named Kitty. Original, isn’t it?

August Update

In case you’ve been out of touch with reality for the last few weeks, here’s a quick recap of what going on in my life for the month of August (’cause we all know it’s about the Ferg):

In the three weeks that I’ve been in Colorado and the week or so that I’ve actually been in school, a lot has happened. First I moved into my house and at some point, I promise to post pictures to my site. I’m the chief engineer for our brand spankin’ new Internet Radio Station (Mines Internet Radio, or MIR as we call it [cue the Soviet jokes just about…]). That involved quite a bit of running around and cajoling (yes, that is a real word). But the fruits of my labor have almost paid off. Check out now to see what little we have, but don’t forget to check back in about a week or so to see how much things have changed (in short, we’re waiting on some licenses so we are sort of limited to what we can do right now). The Sunday before school started, I went this little community church not far from where I live. It was awesome, even though the service was a little long this week (2+ hours). I didn’t go last Sunday because of a scheduling snafu, but I plan on going this Sunday. I also think I found a Bible Study with some other Sophomores. School started last Tuesday. It was definitely (see, I can spell that word now) a different experience than last year. I actually knew who some of my teachers where and, more importantly, where I was going. For the record, I am taking Calculus II, Chemistry II, Physics I, Physics Studio (the lab part of Physics I), Human Systems, and Handball. I plan on not only passing each class, but doing so with good marks. Tomorrow, something interesting will happen between 12 and 1pm MDT time, so check my site tomorrow anytime after that for the low down on what’s going on. I’ll even post a spoiler in the morning, but only viewable to those that register at my site (yes, a little shameless marketing):

Exciting News

I’m going to have some rather exciting news tomorrow around 1pm MDT (which is 12pm PDT or 7pm GMT). Sorry, can’t say anything about it now, so don’t even bother calling (yes Dad, that’s targeted at you).

Five reasons NOT to use Linux

Hehe. This is a great crack at Windows and nice piece of humor too. I run Windows XP Tablet (mostly because I have too, there really aren’t any alternitives that are good). Enjoy:

I love Linux. I use it on my servers, I use it on my desktops, and I use it on my entertainment center, where it powers my HDTV TiVo and my D-Link DSM-320 media player, which turns my network into a media library with terabytes of storage. Heck, I even run Linux on my Linksys WRT54G Wi-Fi access points, which hook the whole shebang together.

But, Linux isn’t for everyone. Seriously. Here are my top five reasons why you shouldn’t move to Linux . . .

Reason number one: Linux is too complicated

Even with the KDE and GNOME graphical windowing interfaces, it’s possible — not likely, but possible — that you’ll need to use a command line now and again, or edit a configuration file.

Compare that with Windows where, it’s possible — not likely, but possible — that you’ll need to use a command line now and again, or edit the Windows registry, where, as they like to tell you, one wrong move could destroy your system forever.

Reason number two: Linux is a pain to set up

It’s true. After all, with modern Linuxes like Xandros Desktop or SimplyMEPIS, you need to put in a CD or DVD, press the enter button, give your computer a name, and enter a password for the administrator account.

Gosh, that’s hard.

On the other hand, with Windows, all you have to do is put in a CD or DVD, do all the above, and then immediately download all the available patches. After all, Symantec has found that an unpatched Windows PC connected to the Internet will last only a few hours before being compromised.

Unpatched Linux systems? Oh, they last months, but what’s the fun of that?

Reason number three: Linux doesn’t have enough applications

Really now. I mean, most Linux systems only come with secure Web browsers, like Firefox; e-mail clients, like Evolution; IM clients, like GAIM; office suites, like 2.0; Web page editors, like Nvu; and on, and on, and…

Microsoft, on the other hand, gives you Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, the most popular Web browser and e-mail client around — even though they do have a few little, teeny-weeny problems. Of course, Windows also has an IM-client, Windows Messenger, which, come to think of it, has also had some problems.

And, Microsoft also has Microsoft Office, which — oh wait, you don’t get that with the operating system, do you? You also don’t get a Web page editor either, do you?

Well, still, with Windows you get so many more choices of software, don’t you? Like Lotus 1-2… oh really? I didn’t know that. Or, WordPerfect… oh, pretty much dead too.

Still, so long as you want to run Microsoft programs at Microsoft prices, Windows is the operating system for you!

Reason number 4: Linux isn’t secure

If Microsoft says so, it has to be true! So what, if you can scarcely go a week without reading about yet another major Windows security problem in our sister publication,’s security section! Who would you rather believe — Microsoft, or your own eyes?

Reason number 5: Linux is more expensive

Are you calling Microsoft a liar? Those nasty Linux companies, like Red Hat or Novell/SUSE charge you a fee for support. Others, like Linspire sell you the product. How dare they, when you can download free, fully-functional versions of almost all the Linux distributions.

Your computer, on the other hand, almost certainly came with Windows pre-installed! For free!

Oh wait, it’s not free? Windows’ actually makes up a large percentage of your PC’s price?

Hmmm. Well, still, it’s already on there, and it has everything you need.

Right? Of course, right!

Except, of course, you might still want to buy an anti-viral program (Norton Anti-Virus: $40), anti-spyware software (McAfee Anti-Spyware: $25); and a full-featured firewall (Zone Alarm Pro: $35). But, hey, who needs those when you have a secure operating system like Windows!

And so…

When you really think about it, you can see why there are lots of reasons not to use Linux.

There just aren’t any good ones. via Slashdot.

Already Off to a Great Start

Mike took a shower in the downstairs bathroom and now he can’t turn the water off. I took a look at it and I can’t figure it out either. Kevin Hunt, our landlord is getting back from his vacation today, so I left him a message. Hopefully he’ll call us back soon. I need to go to class now.

Back to Monday

First Monday of the school year. Not a very exciting school day: Physics, Calc, Handball, Chem. I did get my loan check today, so I was able to pay my tuition and rent. Ben, Chris, Mike, Jens, and myself went and looked at cats too. Ben almost got one and we’ll be back tomorrow to get Benzyl (that’s what Ben named her, he’s a Chem E major).

And our Comcast Highspeed Internet is going slow again. Ben’s going to chew them out.

Storage Server Finally POSTing

PCClub identified the storage server as having a fried motherboard. They also indicated that I did…which I didn’t. However, they were able to replace if for free and I was not in a mood to fight about it.

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Taco Party

Laura and Amy had a Taco Party at their house. A group of us (Paul, Emily, Shanan, Amy, Michael, and Emily…am I missing anyone?) had a great little talk about Autism, squeezing cows, creating a cottage chalk-making industry in Uzbekistan, and trying to condense quantum mechanics into a 60 second song. Links here and here.