Busy Week

This week is going to be very busy for me, so I appologize in advance my fuse seems a little short, as it is. This is my last week of work, so I have to wrap up all the projects and breif all the people involved in them. I’m changing bedrooms in Seattle, the first time since 4th grade. That involves moving everything I own. I also have to pack all my things that I’m taking back to Colorado. I have to prepare Blackhawk (the Seattle-based server) for me going away and I have to pack up Grandjunction (the Colorado-based server) for its new mission. I have 4 episodes of The West Wing I need to finish. There are still some people who would like help with their computers before I leave. I have to apply for my loans. I have to make sure all the Internet Radio equipment for school has been processed and ordered. I have to order cable and Internet services for the house in Golden before Tuesday. And then I can’t forget to fly back on Saturday.

I think that’s it.

Cell Phone is Back Online!

After being without a cell phone for an agonizing 5 days, I am finally back on the network. Same great number, same great voice at the other end. Getting my phone back in operational order was no small task. I ended up borrowing the battery from Quinn’s phone (which hasn’t been in the water) and the face plates from Staples phone (which are the factory originals). It took a bit of work, but I got it done and it didn’t cost me anything.

Verizon, LG, and a 15 Inch Black Rubber Cock

You have to have seen Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels to get the what the title means. I I took my phone into Verizon on Monday and they said “Looks like you got water damage.” The display on the phone was foggy, so that was a no brainer.

I went back today. The phone actually turned on, but it wouldn’t get a signal. “Looks like you got water damage.” Hmm. There were no signs of water damage on the phone. But I noticed that the first thing the Verizon rep did every time they looked at my phone was to take out the battery. Then it all clicked together. Those bastards put a water soluble mark on the battery. Get it wet and they’ll know instantly.

I was going to borrow Staples battery today, but I couldn’t get a hold of him. But Quinn came over tonight and his phone uses the same battery as my phone does, so he’s letting me borrow his battery for tomorrow.

Here’s the full quote from the movie:

Harry didn’t think that he did a very good job, so he grabbed the nearest thing to hand, which just so happened to be a 15 inch black rubber cock, and proceeded to beat poor old Smithy to death with. And that was seen as a nice way to go. Now, that, is why you pay Hatchet Harry, when you owe.

Educational Tablet PC Goodies

I’m actually not quite sure how I found this link. I think it was in one the handful of blogs I read. In any event, Microsoft has released a free Education Pack for the Tablet PC. Incremental Blogger reports that it comes with:

* Equation Writer–Converts your handwritten equations to typewritten images.
* GoBinder Lite–Keep track of your schedule with this planner.
* Hexic – MSN game that’s Tablet enhanced
* Ink Flash Cards–Create flash cards to help you learn facts or study for an exam.
* Send to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003–Print web pages, pictures and other files to OneNote so you can annotate them.

I actually remember looking for a flash card program last year and not finding one I liked. So I’m pumped to try it out. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the Go Binder Lite is all about. I currently use Outlook because it lets me sync with my SPOT watch. I currently use the Windows Journal program to markup files, so it should be nice to keep them all in OneNote.

The price also isn’t too bad either, can’t really beat $0.00.

The War on Terror: As Viewed From The Bourne Shell

This gave me a good laugh, something good for a Monday. From Sun Ray Blog:

$ cd /middle_east
$ ls
Afghanistan Iraq Libya Saudi_Arabia UAE
Algeria Israel Morrocco Sudan Yemen
Bahrain Jordan Oman Syria
Egypt Kuwait Palestine Tunisia
Iran Lebanon Qatar Turkey

$ cd Afghanistan
$ ls
bin Taliban
$ rm Taliban
rm: Taliban is a directory
$ cd Taliban
$ ls
$ rm soldiers
$ cd ..
$ rmdir Taliban
rmdir: directory "Taliban": Directory not empty
$ cd Taliban
$ ls -a
. .. .insurgents
$ chown -R USA .*
chown: .insurgents: Not owner
$ cd ..
$ su
Password: *******
# mv Taliban /tmp
# exit
$ ls
$ cd bin
$ ls
$ cd ..
$ rm -r bin/laden
bin/laden: No such file or directory
$ find / -name laden
$ su
Password: *******
# mv bin /tmp
# exit
$ pwd
$ cd /opt/UN
$ ln -s /Bad_Guys/Al_Qaeda /middle_east/Iraq/.
ln: cannot create /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda: Permission denied
$ su
# ln -s /Bad_Guys/Al_Qaeda /middle_east/Iraq/.
# cd /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda
Al_Qaeda: does not exist
# rm /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda
# mkfile 100g /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda
mkfile: No space left on device
# rm /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda
# cd /opt/Coalition/Willing
# mkfile 1b /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda
# chown -R USA:Proof /middle_east/Iraq/Al_Qaeda
$ cd /middle_east/Iraq
$ ls
$ ls
$ ls
$ ls -a
. .. saddam
$ find / -name [Ww][Mm][Dd]
$ wall Propaganda.txt
Broadcast Message from USA (pts/1) on USS_Abraham_Lincoln Th May 1st
Mission Accomplished!
$ rm saddam
saddam: No such file or directory
$ find / -name saddam
$ wall NewsWorthy.txt
Broadcast Message from USA (pts/1) on Time.Magazine Sat Dec 13
We Got Him!
$ mv /var/opt/dictators/spiderhole/saddam /opt/jail
$ cd /opt/USA
$ cp -Rp Democracy /middle_east/Iraq
$ cd /middle_east/Iraq/Democracy
$ ./install
Install Error: Install failed. See install_log for details.
$ more install_log
Installed failed!
Prerequisite packages missing
Conflicting package Wahhabism found in /midde_east/Saudi_Arabia
Packages Church and State must be installed separately
File System /PeakOil nearing capacity
Please read the install guide to properly plan your installation.

Hearing the Sumatra-Andaman Quake

Wow. I listened to the audio file [mp3] and it is really errie.

From livescience.com:

Sound from last December’s huge tsunami-causing earthquake was picked up by underwater microphones designed to listen for nuclear explosions.

Scientists this week released an audio file of the frighteningly long-lasting cracks and splits along the Sumatra-Andaman Fault in the Indian Ocean.

The spine-tingling hiss and rumble is an eerie reminder of the devastation and death that is still being tallied in the largest natural disaster in modern times.

Welcome Home Baby Ben!

Carin Towne is back home, safe and sound with Benjamin Towne. I talked with Jeff last week right after I heard their baby was born. The connection was unbelievably bad, but Carin and Ben were fine and Jeff sounded like he could sleep for a week. In any event: Welcome Home Baby Ben!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

So here I am at Quinn’s parent’s new house in Hansville. It must have hit mid 80’s today. I’m in my swim trunks all day long. At some point in time I put my cell phone in my pocket after making a call, or something. Then about 5 minutes later I go sit in the hot tub. About two minutes after that, I proclaim, “I just did something really stupid,” and I pull my wet, dead, cell phone out of my pocket and place it on the floor. I get out of the hot tub and disassemble my cell phone so it can dry out. However, I manage to drop it first. So, dead cell phone, at least for now.