Top 30 Ways to Know You Go To Mines

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

  1. Be there or be an equallaterial parellel quadrangle
  2. When talking about their injury, they mention that the coefficient of friction was not great enough
  3. You can carry on a conversation the everybody understands using acronyms such as DSN, JPL, and NASA. That would be Deep Space Network, Jet Propulsion Lab, and National Aeronics and Space Administration
  4. You see somebody wearing the shirt: Top ln(e10) reasons why e is better than π
  5. You see somebody wearing the shirt: I ♥ Nerds
  6. You’ve used the words ‘orientation’, ‘ellipse’ or ‘perimiter’ when describing your dining-room table
  7. You have a close, personal relationship with people you’ve met online
  8. You look forward to Calculus because Physics was so hard. Or vice-versa
  9. The girls actually ARE impressed by a fast computer rather than a fast car
  10. Your idea of a party is six guys sitting around the table drinking beer. Working on CAPA (Computer Aided Personal Assignment)
  11. A REALLY good party is where the ratio of girls to guys approaches 1
  12. You’re definitely a Mines student if you read the above comment and laughed without having to think too hard about it
  13. You laugh at your friends from other school complaining about how difficult College Algebra is
  14. Your favorite pickup lines involve physics or mathematics.
  15. You’ve seldom used those lines because there aren’t enough women
  16. Or, if any of them actually worked, you know you’ve found a Mines woman
  17. When you visit another school, you realize that the real world contains more than 25% females
  18. You can’t spell ‘analysis’ correctly without a dictionary, but you could calculate how much weight the bridge will support
  19. You’ve actually had a serious debate with someone over how you set the controls on your favorite PC game
  20. You’re just waiting to graduate, and then the women will swarm all over you… yeah, that’s it…
  21. You’ve realized that the 4 basic food groups are caffiene, sugar, fat and cafeteria. Under duress.
  22. Classes: Read the notes and book, do some homework, show up for tests.
  23. You hear your roomate mumbling something about Physics in his sleep at 2am, and you realize that he’s got the wrong formula.
  24. Bad things happen if you don’t have access to a spell checker on your reports. Or sometimes, even if you do.
  25. You laugh at people doing 50 page reports on the symbolism of Athena in the Iliad. Or any report over 3 pages in general.
  26. Nighttime and sleep rarely coincide.
  27. Class and sleep often do coincide.
  28. You drink more Mountain Dew daily than water.
  29. You have to chew your coffee in the morning.
  30. You realize in your third year that you should have left in the middle of your first one, but it’s too late now.

1-5 by Andrew Ferguson, 6-30 by past Oredigger Editors