The Star Trek Saga Continues

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Paramount announced it was cancelling Star Trek: Enterprise at the end of this season. Upon hearing this, Save Enterprise and launced a campaign to keep Star Trek on the air. It included the obligatory write in campaign, but has also managed to over three million dollars to help fund an additional season of Star Trek: Enterprise, of which I contributed $10. Three days ago, Paramount released a statement originally sent to Tim Brazeal, founder and campaign leader of Save Enterprise:

Dear Mr. Brazeal,

Paramount Network Television and the producers of Star Trek: Enterprise are very flattered and impressed by the fans’ passionate outpouring of attention for the show and their efforts to raise funds to continue the show’s production.

We share your love for the series and the entire Star Trek franchise, which the studio has fostered and developed over four decades. However, the recent decision to conclude the show’s run on UPN is final.

We can not and will not be able to accept funds from viewers to produce Star Trek: Enterprise or any other series.

Paramount Network Television is extremely proud of Star Trek: Enterprise and the accomplishments of its actors and producers and the entire crew, but we must bid farewell to the show. We believe the franchise is still very vital as evidenced by the fans’ demand for books, DVDs and all sorts of related merchandise.

We are grateful for the fans’ rich history of unwavering enthusiasm for all things Trek, and we hope they’ll join us in looking forward to the next chapter of this enduring series in the future.


John Wentworth

It seemed as if Enterprise was not going to be back, and that was that. Pehaps not. Slashdot had an article posted earlier today titled "Is Enterprise Heading to Canada?" that seems to indicate that "Viacom executives are considering the proposal, despite another branch of Paramount saying the cancellation was final just a few days ago."

In any event, tonights Enterprise episode was awesome and I can’t wait for next weeks show where the Mirror Universe is visited. It’s going to be awesome!