New Phone: 11.6438562

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Ok. That number is a joke. I got the LG 3200 and if you type that into Google, it will return the log of 3200.

Anyways, my old 4400 broke a few weeks ago while I was skiing. This is really sort of begining to be funny because I can’t seem to keep the same cell phone for more than a year. So a few days, I was the winning bidder on eBay. The phone came today and it was a simple matter to activate it. Although, after I was done with the Verizon rep, he told me I could just have done it online…I’ll remember that for next time.

Now begins the tedious task of transfering all the numbers from my old phone to my new phone. This should take some time.