Stevie Starr: The Regurgitator

The times they are a-changin’.

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Stevie Starr, the amazing regurgitator was at Mines tonight. Rather cool actually since he was literally just on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. From what I could tell, he really was swallowing all the objects he put in his mouth.

I am by no means a medical professional, but I with a bit of logic and knowledge of human anatomy I suspect that Starr simply has the ability to control his pyloric sphincter, a muscular valve between his stomach and duodenum (a digestive region between the stomach and start of the small intestine), and his lower esophageal sphincter. In short, he can trap object in his duodenum, his stomach, and perhaps even his small intestine and esophagus. Again, this is only my opinion. Regardless, the show was very amazing I would recomend that everyone see it, if given the chance. Starr is very entertaining and knows how to work with the audience. He swallowed everything from a small lightbulb, to a small 8-ball, tacks, rings, a locked lock (which he unlocked after removing the key and swallowing it seperatly from the lock, then relocked with a ring inside, removed the key and brought back up), sugar (which he brought back up dry), and even gold fish (which were still alive). Check out the gallery for more pictures of this truely amazing man from Scotland!

Update: Gallery from the following year


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  1. Yeah, I just saw a video of this guy online and it really does look like he swallows this stuff. I can’t for the life of me figure out how he does it. In the video I saw he swallowed some dry sugar, drank some water, and then expelled the sugar STILL DRY! Even if he did have control over his stomach, I don’t see how he could keep the sugar from getting wet!

    David Levin

  2. well you seem to be a very intresting person to watch ,how did you become to find out that you could do this intresting act? and are you married and if so what does your partner think of you doing the act? and have you ever been hurt ,and what is the largest thing you have swallowed and brought back up?

  3. i remember seeing Starr, when i was a kid, on a late night show. he did this act where he had quarters with 1 – 12 in marker written on them and he swallowed them one at a time. u could hear the quarters pileing on top of one another. he then asked the audience to pick a number and he brought up the quarter with that number on it. it was amazing.

  4. I am a medical professional. I am not sure but I suspect that Stevie Starr has an anatomic abnormality called a Zenker’s diverticulum. This is a pocket deep in the parynx right near the opening to the esophagus. Somehow, Steve has learned to control this and I do not believe that the things that he swallows and regurgitates ever makes it into his stomach.


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  8. You guys are crazy… He simply has a cleft pallet. He’s missing the roof of his mouth. Have you never seen someone like this before? How else do you think you hear the “clink” of coins he “swallows”. It would be impossible to hear two coins click together if they were really all the way down the esophagus. Come on now… Impressive? Yes, absolutely an awesome act. But controlling the muscles of his stomach and keeping sugar from getting wet? Not a chance… he simply separates it in his pallet.

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  10. I just watched the Leno show where Starr appeared… I was just realizing how many times in that performance he reached into his pocket on his vest and put something in his mouth… and then took something aout and put it back into his pocket… I don’t know why, but I could imagine him being a fake when it comes to putting the keyhangers together… any of you guys pondered about that?

  11. To all of you who replied posting you saw him do these acts and how amazing he is, please understand you are witnessing nothing more than a trained act, done by a trained performance artist. Your theories of this man having extra control over his stomach/esophagus muscles proves nothing more than the fact that you really are not a medical professional. I on the otherhand am a doctor and for those of you who are trying to attempt this with reference to these types of “wild” speculations, please don’t. There is simply no way you can control these types of muscles from a medical point of view. They do not have smiliar structures as voluntairy muscles we are able to control. you cannot “develop” these muscles in the same way either and cannot control them.

    But even if you weren’t a medical professional, You must realize some of his acts give away the nature of the authenticity, solely by the types of act alone. If all he did was swallow and regurgitate the object back up, I’d be inclined to believe he was really regurgitating. However, his acts include a variety of mixing and bring back up marked objects on call, and he even swallows a rubics cube, and brings it back up solved. Those types of acts should clearly indicate to you that he really doing what you think he’s doing. Do you honestly think he can swallow a rubics cube, solve it in the dark with out looking at it with what happens to be just s tube of contracting muscle with limited movement biologicaly and brought it back up in under 10 seconds? Please people… Stop making me doubt the intelligence of our kind.

    1. Well, for the rubick cube trick, it is impossible that it solve it, but it is maybe possible that he swallowed a solved cube before the trick and regurgitated it instead of the unsolved one, altrought it would be a hard feat to do, its maybe possible.

    2. So you just slated one theory with what sounded like intelligent rabble, are you not going to offer a theory? Or is it magic!

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  14. No, he obviously swallowed a solved Rubix cube prior to going on stage.. then he swallowed the unsolved cube and regurgitated the solved one.
    After watching the video a bunch, I dont think he’s swallowing anything actually. Watch when he swallows the baloon.. you see it on the right side of his mouth for a split second.. like he pushed it there and somehow can store it in his cheek.

  15. Stevie doesnt solve the cube, though thats what you remember. Watch teh clips on youtube.. The leno clip for example. It goes in solved, and comes out with one layer out of place.
    My guess is, There is a trick to the cube, but he does swallow it.

  16. If it’s real or just a trick, it doesn’t matter, it’s still bloody cleaver. So far nobody can explain how he does it and that is the amazing thing.

  17. He does actually swallow them. Watch Britains got Talent when he goes on: There is no way, biogically, that can he hold a billiard ball in his mouth, let alone, hide it. You can actually see it go down his throat for a split of a second. He does actually swallow these things!

    HOWEVER, he does combine magic tricks with his natural talent. The rubicks cube, the sugar, etc. I mean comon, if you had the ability to regurgitate voluntarily, wouldnt you try to come up with some neat tricks?

  18. He does not solve the rubiks cube in any of his acts whoever making that ridiculous claim he swallows it solved and turns it so it’s unsolved get it right if your gonna accuse for being a fake…

  19. I have read all the negative comments about Stevie. He is an amazing man and I have seen one of his shows in Plymouth many years ago. If you doubt what he can do go see one of his shows. I was upset he did not make it through Britains got talent, but that programme like the x factor is run by production teams who put absolute s*”t through normally. Steve is a big fav with HM Forces and hope to see him soon supporting the troops. This is a genuine act please think and get your facts right before you slate him.
    R Smith, Helensburgh, Scotland.

  20. check the video with jay leno 2005 in youtube, he is grabbing in his pocket after the tricks and bringing something into his mouth before the next act…cheap magic….


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