Rob's life-long dream comes true...getting a bucket of water dumped on his head. Steve visits Egypt Steve saluting the crowd

What is a Retzism, you ask? Well, sometime during high school at SAAS, Trevor Essmeier got this great idea to make these really awesome cut and paste montages of our history teacher, Steve Retz. Well, during our senior year, I got in on the game, creating more realistics compilations of Retz. I haven’t done any for almost a year, but I got board and decided to make some more up. I’ll periodically release more, so be sure to check out the Retzisms gallery every once-in-a-while.

TechWeb: Firefox Nips IE Ankles Again

Mozilla’s Firefox is still gaining on IE. WebSideStory puts Firefox at up 0.74 percent to 5.7% marketshare and IE is down 0.4 percent down to 89.9%. I highly doubt Firefox will lose much of its stream anytime soon. With the release of Firefox 1.0.1 and the impending release of 1.1, I would suspect that more users will be switching over soon. Especially once they realize that A) open is not bad, but actually really really good (usually); and that B) Microsoft was practically going to abandon IE for the next two years, leaving them open to only God knows what kinds of security holes and whatnot.


With Firefox continuing to nibble at IE, the Mozilla Foundation’s goal of reaching a 10 percent market share by the end of the year looks likely, said WebSideStory. “Back in December 2004, it seemed Firefox was a lock to reach 10 percent by mid-2005, ahead of the year-end goal,” said Jeff Lunsford, WebSideStory’s chief executive, in a statement. “Given the latest growth rates, the year end target still appears attainable, but a mid-year achievement is unlikely unless we see increased marketing activity from Mozilla.”

You have downloaded Firefox, right?

Old Time Radio

I’ve enjoyed listening to Old Time Radio (OTR) for as long as I can remember. It used to broadcast in Seattle on 710AM KIRO on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 9pm to 1am. Eventually, it fell out of favor at KIRO and was moved to the 1-4 am timeslot. I still continued to listen to it, but only if I happened to be up. Eventually, I stopped listening to it because it was so early in the morning. When I moved out to Colorado I thought I’d never listen to it again. However, I was wrong. One of the great things about the Internet is that it makes it easy to create content specific channels. I was looking through the Radio stations listen in iTunes and I thought I might check to see if I could find any OTR. To my suprise, I did! And not just one stations, but two! So now I’m getting my fix of OTR, and I can get it when ever I want. Sweet!

Merging Data Files

C++, while tedious, is probably one of my favorite classes. I’ve never actually taken a e first line of each file
//Write the higher valuprogramming class before now and I imagine I will be taking more. Anyways, another has gone by and thus another lab is due and you get to see what I’ve done! This week we worked on interacting with outside files. Just simple tasks, like opening, closing, reading, and writing. The program I had to create delt with taking two seperate files and merging them into one while activly sorting the numbers from lowest to highest. I could not merge the data and then sort it. Enjoy!

//Name: Andrew Ferguson
//Date: 2/27/2005
//Purpose: Merge two files while sorting the data

//Open two read files and one write file
//Read and compare the first line of each file
//Write the higher value to the screen and to the write file
//Read the next highest number from the file that containted the previous higher number and compare again
//Repeat until both read files are completly read



int main(){
ifstream file_one, file_two;
ofstream fout;
double next_one, next_two;“location1.dat”);“location2.dat”);“output.dat”);

cout << "File failed to open." << endl; exit(1); } if({ cout << "File failed to open." << endl; exit(1); } file_one >> next_one; //Prime the pump…so to speak
file_two >> next_two; //Prime the pump…so to speak

cout << "Merging Files..." << endl; while((!file_one.eof()) && (!file_two.eof())){ if(next_one <= next_two){ fout << next_one << endl; cout << next_one << endl; file_one >> next_one;
fout << next_two << endl; cout << next_two << endl; file_two >> next_two;
while((file_one.eof()) && (!file_two.eof())){
fout << next_two << endl; cout << next_two << endl; file_two >> next_two;
while((file_two.eof()) && (!file_one.eof())){
fout << next_one << endl; cout << next_one << endl; file_one >> next_one;

cout << "...Complete!" << endl; } [/code]

Download the Windows Executable
File “Location1.dat”
File “Location2.dat”
The last two files are the files that are merged. You can download and use them or you can create your own files called location1.dat and location2.dat. If you create your own files, each file can contain as many floating points as you want with one per line. The files must be in the same directory as the program.

Wired: Kilogram Poses Weighty Problem

Seems like kilogram is finally going to get a makeover. I agree with the proposed decision to switch the definition of kilogram to one based on Avogadro’s Number or the Plank Constant.


If several scientists get their way, a 2.2-pound hunk of metal — the international prototype of the kilogram — may soon be out of style.
Like its six basic-units-of-measurement siblings before it — including the meter — the kilogram may be moving toward a new definition based on a universal constant.

The Golden GREAT Film Festival

The Golden GREAT Film Festival is going on as I write over in the Student Center. There are actually quite a few films, at least several dozen, ranging from 4 minutes to over 100 minutes. Because of my background in film making in high school, I am announcing that I will be entering the 2006 Golden Film Festival. Walking back from Safeway, I even came up with a a really great film idea that it’s both practical to shoot on a very low budget, but is also interesting. In short, it’s a comedy about the stuggles a young man has in mind while sitting on a bus. So stay tuned for more info on that one. I am still working on my other screen play, but that is of feature length and will not be completed for many years.

Happy Birthday to Quinn and Annie

Happy Birthday Day to You!
Happy Birthday Day to You!
Happy Birthday Q and A
Happy Birthday to You!

Other famous people with birthdays on February 27th include:

  • Musician Josh Groban
  • Presidential Daughter Chelsea Clinton
  • R&B Singer Rozonda “Chili” Thomas of TLC fame
  • “Politician” Ralph Nader
  • Actress Elizabeth Taylor
  • Politician Ariel Sharon
  • Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Entertainment TonightInformation PleaseToday in HistoryBorn TodayHistory ChannelWikipediaAfrican-American RegistryAlive or Dead?Internet Movie Database

So leave a comment wishing Quinn and Annie a Happy Birthday!

Some Work Done

I was actually able to get some Chemistry homework done. I also have a plan: finish chapter 13 by this weekend, finish chapter 15 (we didn’t go over 14) by the end of the week, and finish chapter 16 next weekend. That should put me in a good spot. I also watched Saw. It was an interesting movie, worth seeing. The DualBS was up at Camano Island celebrating Quinn’s 19th and Annie’s 18th Birthdays. I gave them a call and chatted with them. You have no idea how close I was to actually getting on a plane yesterday and flying up to Seattle. In all honesty, if I didn’t have as much homework as I did, I would have done it. Maybe next year.

Maybe Star Trek Won’t Be Cancelled?

Some interesting things have happened in the last few days since I found out that Star Trek: Enterprise was being cancelled. Earlier today I found It had some resources that I used to call up Paramount, send a fax, and write two letters to Les Moonves, Chairman and CEO of CBS Television. Also interesting to note was that SaveEnterprise.come has already raised some $55,000 and rumors of an additional several million being donated. hopes that Viacom/Paramount will accept the money for to continue production of Enterprise. Perhaps the oddest thing about the whole issue is the way is handling it. An article on the site actually covered a demonstration taking place outside Paramount studios earlier today. So, with any luck, Enterprise might be back next year. Also check out this article that MSNBC wrote. As of now, 82% of almost 50,000 people think canceling the show is a bad idea and think Enterprise should continue. Nielsen also released a note saying it botched some of it ratings and will be recalculating them from the raw data. And I suppose the icing on the cake is that Enterprise’s rating have actually increased this year. So, do your part to help save Enterprise! I will get off my soapbox now.

Microsoft to Disable Online Windows Activation

I first heard about this a few days ago in the Microsoft System Builders email. I suppose this just goes to show that it is practically impossible for a company to secure something that they can’t physically control.


CasterPod writes “As of February 28, Windows users who purchased their PC will no longer be able to reinstall without calling Microsoft and answering a series of questions. The move is part of an anti-piracy effort to close ‘a loophole that enabled unscrupulous resellers to use Windows XP product keys that were stolen from large OEMs.’ Specifically, Certificate of Authenticity (COA) labels on PCs are often unused because OEMs preinstall Windows and bypass product activation. The product keys can therefore be stolen and reused. First WGA, and now this.”