So Incredibly Fun and Exciting!

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The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I started making up work today for my MACS445 class and I have to say that I am really pumped! Here’s our first assignment:

Individual work—TLG has a P4 desktop running Windows 98 and a P3 laptop running Windows ME. Their Internet browser on both is Netscape 2.0. They think they may need to upgrade their browser and ask you for a recommendation. Write a one page document addressed to TLG with your suggestions. Include a discussion of the parameters you have used for evaluation and at least one Web site they can visit that discusses browser evaluation. Email this to the instructor by 10AM Monday 1/17/05. TLG has Microsoft Word 97 so be sure that they can read you document.

They also need information about their Internet connection. Their Internet service provider (ISP) currently is Prodigy and they connect with a 56K dial-up model over a phone line. They wonder if they should upgrade to DSL, cable, T1, … Write a one page analysis of this and send it to the instructor with your browser analysis.

Team work—TLG wants a new logo. They had one done several years ago by a graphic artist but think they need a new one to display on the new website. So, they ask you to make one. Photoshop is available on the Campus computers. Use it or some other program to make them a logo. (This course is certainly not much about graphic design, but a basic idea about working with images is important.)

If you’ve known me for some amount of time, you should know how much I like to do things like this. I’m so giddy. And it’s Friday.