The times they are a-changin’.

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Many interesting things have been happening since I moved down to Morgan Hall. First, it takes less then two minutes to get from bed to breakfast. Second, the sense of community is much greater. There have also been many more opportunities to do extracurricular activities, such as IM 5-man soccer. And Telemarking with the CSM TeleClub. On a slightly related note, I saw Rachel Doyle today (duh!). I was worried that she might have left CSM because she was mentioning that she might no come back next year in last semesters Earth Lab. Anyways, she is now rooming with Katie Gallagher who is sort of like Peter Walchenbach, but a girl, much hotter, she teleies (doesn’t alpine), and competed in Junior Olympic Kayaking. Anyways, she seems like someone I would consider dating. We’ll see. I’ve talked with her only a handful of times, however tomorrow should provide some opportunities to learn more.


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  1. Hi….I was sitting infront of my computer looking for something completely differenent then some guys love life but, somehow I came across your essay on why would you never have a girlfriend. Unlike the girl who responded to it, I happened to like it very much. She said you needed God or something, I think you just needed to get laid. It actually seems through all the odds you were able to get a girlfriend and I hope you have many more. I know I am a total stranger to you, but I just wanted to say thanks for making me smile before a big exam tonight.

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