2005 Predictions

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Sorry, for the picture. I did a Google Image search for new year and that’s one of the pictures that came up. I thought it was sort of funny, in an odd sort of way….welcome to my world, I guess. Anyways, the following are my top 10 technology related predictions for 2005:

  1. Apple will come out with their own version of the Tablet PC. It will be called iWrite or iNote or iScribble or iSomethingLikeThat.
  2. Microsoft will begin to launch a whole slew of consumer based products for the Xbox, starting with Microsoft Word. The goal will be to build a computer and OS that is completely virus free by securing software at the processor level.
  3. The RIAA will announce that they are going to begin to phase out CD’s. They will replace them with a combination DVD/CD that offer consumer much better quality at half the price.
  4. The MPAA will announce that they are officially adopting the Blu-Ray format.
  5. Firefox will overtake Internet Explorer as the most used browser.
  6. In response to Firefox becoming the leading browser, Microsoft will drop more features of Windows Longhorn just so they can RTM on time. This will frustrate millions of tech users, including me.
  7. AOL will finally go bankrupt and disappear forever as dial-up finally dies and dissappears forever as well. People will look back and wonder why they yearned for the “You’ve Got Mail” voice. Some tech nut will just happen to analye the YGM audio and find that it contains a sumliminal message that urges users to keep using AOL.
  8. Cingular/ATT will buy out Sprint/Nextel. Facing fierce compeition, Verizon will merge with Cingular/ATT/Sprint/Nextel. New company will be called Springtelon. Unfortunatly, slogan will still be, “Can you hear me now? Good.”
  9. Realizing their giant flop in the console wars with the GameCube, Nintendo will announce that they will only be producing handheld gaming units. Sony can be heard gulping, while Bill grins an evil smile.
  10. WiFi Cellphone VoIP technology will be created.