End of the Year Summary

This will probably be the last post of 2004, so I figured that I would just give out a bunch of stats on where AFdN is and where it’s going. First off, there where at least 5804 unique vistors for 2004. With 12918 visits, that comes out to 2.22 visits per unique visitor. All in all, 97,889 pages were server up (7.57 pages/visit) with 576,346 hits (44.61 hits/visit). That amounts to 22.76 gigabytes of bandwidth (1,847.45 KB/visit). There was also an additional 6.64 GB of bandwidth consumed by traffic generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes. The best month in terms of bandwidth was January with 4.37 GB (due probably to some videos I put up). The worst month was October with a mere 694.95 MB (AFdN was offline for about a week while I as messing with the new static IP address). The top robot was MSNBot. The top worm was part of the Nima family of worms (which didn’t cause any ill effects because I use Apache, a non-Microsoft product). The average visit was 468 seconds. The most requested file type was jpg files with 19.8% of the hit requests and 13.6% of the bandwidth.Microsoft Windows XP was the most used operating system with 57.2% and 62.2% of vistors used Internet Explorer 6.0. Google sent 54.7% of the traffic from search engines. http://seablogs.hellbent.org sent 8% of visitors from external pages. "prom pictures" accounted for 5.8% of all keyphrase searches.

So, thanks for making this year such a great year. I’m sure I’ve added at least a gig of content since the begining of the year (mostly pictures, 2720 just in the gallery). I wish everyone a prosperous New Year. Look for my first ever New Years letter coming to AFdN within the next week or so!

Brunch with the Boys

Had brunch with DJ, Staples, Andy, and Kelly over at Blue Star Cafe. We ended up talking for quite a bit of time about various things, including Napoleon Dynamite ("I’ll do whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!"). Then Darren, Staples and I went to Magnolia Audio/Video and BestBuy to look at LCD screens for Darren.

2005 Predictions

Sorry, for the picture. I did a Google Image search for new year and that’s one of the pictures that came up. I thought it was sort of funny, in an odd sort of way….welcome to my world, I guess. Anyways, the following are my top 10 technology related predictions for 2005:

  1. Apple will come out with their own version of the Tablet PC. It will be called iWrite or iNote or iScribble or iSomethingLikeThat.
  2. Microsoft will begin to launch a whole slew of consumer based products for the Xbox, starting with Microsoft Word. The goal will be to build a computer and OS that is completely virus free by securing software at the processor level.
  3. The RIAA will announce that they are going to begin to phase out CD’s. They will replace them with a combination DVD/CD that offer consumer much better quality at half the price.
  4. The MPAA will announce that they are officially adopting the Blu-Ray format.
  5. Firefox will overtake Internet Explorer as the most used browser.
  6. In response to Firefox becoming the leading browser, Microsoft will drop more features of Windows Longhorn just so they can RTM on time. This will frustrate millions of tech users, including me.
  7. AOL will finally go bankrupt and disappear forever as dial-up finally dies and dissappears forever as well. People will look back and wonder why they yearned for the “You’ve Got Mail” voice. Some tech nut will just happen to analye the YGM audio and find that it contains a sumliminal message that urges users to keep using AOL.
  8. Cingular/ATT will buy out Sprint/Nextel. Facing fierce compeition, Verizon will merge with Cingular/ATT/Sprint/Nextel. New company will be called Springtelon. Unfortunatly, slogan will still be, “Can you hear me now? Good.”
  9. Realizing their giant flop in the console wars with the GameCube, Nintendo will announce that they will only be producing handheld gaming units. Sony can be heard gulping, while Bill grins an evil smile.
  10. WiFi Cellphone VoIP technology will be created.

Merry (or is it Happy) Christmas

Today was Christmas, if you haven’t been able to figure that out already. I spent a good chunk of yesterday at church helping with AV stuff. That was fun, albeit long. Anyways, we unwrapped presents around 11am ish. Yes, everyone here is getting old(er) and like their sleep, especially me. What can I say? I recieved, in no particular order:

  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse
  • iTrip for iPod
  • Several Star Trek related books
  • Port Replicator for my laptop

That’s all I can remember without actually going over to the other room. Pictures and other stuff to come later.

Schedule for Next Semester

I’m still working on the details, but my schedule for next semester will look something like this:

Suprnova.org and Others are Shut Down

Suprnova.org and Others are Shut Down

Reuters, along with just about every other news company, has reported that Suprnova.org, the popular BitTorrent site, has been shut down. While this comes as no suprise, what is suprising is the amount of P2P traffic on the Internet. CacheLogic is reporting that "Peer-to-Peer is the single largest consumer of data on ISP’s networks." Even outweighing web traffic. I had no idea P2P traffic was this big, although, in retrospect, it does seem reasonable.

Rise in the Rankings

Every once-in-a-while, I like to Google "Andrew Ferguson". Yes, it is slightly egomaniacal, but I do it for the good the website, I really do! Anyways, I’ve also been searching the beta version of MSN’s new search engine to see how I’ve been ranking there too.

Anyways, all of a sudden, I’m in the top 5 for Google and the top 3 for Beta MSN! How cool is that? I haven’t really done anything different, at least not anything that I’m aware of. I would surmise that competition between Google and MSN have caused each other to revise some of their respective algorithms.

Other rankings for "Andrew Ferguson" on popular search engines include: