Emily Przekwas

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Perhaps the weirdest thing to have every happened to me. I was in CSM 101 and I asked about starting up a Chemistry study group (woah, Andrew’s actually studying? Yes, I am). Anyways after class, this girl, Emily, comes up to me and says that she would like to start a study group with me.

First off, I have no idea why I know her name. I just assumed I met her at orientation back in July. Anyways, she gives me her email address. I end up calling her later that night and we agree to meet at 8:30 to study. Jason and I go down to Bradford Hall and meet Emily and her friends down their. We study for a while and then I bring up the fact that I’m from Seattle. Emily ask’s where I live in Seattle. I ask her if she knows where UW is. She does. So I say that I live 2 miles north of the U. She ask’s what neighborhood; I say Wedgwood….and she know’s where that is. Weird, eh?

Well is get’s better. She says that she lived in the area for a few years. I ask what elementry school she went to. What did Emily say? Bryant Elementry….the same one I went to. Not only that, but we had the same teacher, Mrs. Shy.

Crap on a friggin’ stick!!! What are the odds that someone I went to elementry school with, including having the same teacher, goes to the same college as I do, 1200 miles away from where it all started? Astronomical.

We ended up talking for a good our about all the kids in our class. What fun! Emma Tupper, Sarah McCarthy, Sarah Robinson, Tyler Sandstrom, Kelty Clark Mahoney, Sophia with the 14 letter last name, Harold ‘Butt kiss’ Beltkus, and others. My gosh. I still can’t get over it. Crap on a friggin’ stick!!!