3200 Meters and $6.50/class

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The times they are a-changin’.

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Today sucked for the most part. We had to run two miles in PA. I did my run in 20 minutes, 50 seconds. Running at altitude sucks. Then I had Calc…which also sucked. But it’s gettting kind of better. I went to the Career Center Where Anna helped me with my R�sum�. So now that’s all ready for Career Day next week. I’m hoping to get a job with Lockheed Martin. If that doesn’t work, I might work for the DEA. How cool would that be? But I really want to work with LM. It’s really kind of ironic being that I grew up in Seattle with Boeing. After lunch, I had a SYGN (Earth and Environmental Science) lab. We did stuff with rocks. I’m absolutly positive I don’t want to be a geophyisist, or anything like that. I also was able to get my notetaker hired, Jade. The school actually pays her $6.50/class to take notes for me. It’s only for my SYGN class because that’s the only one I need help in. Just goes to further prove that I truely don’t want to be a geophyisist.