Let’s try this again…ahem: YOU DON’T GET IT SENS. HATCH AND LEAHY

Nothing pushes my buttons like idiots doing blatenly stupid things, except, perhaps, idiots with power doing blatenly stupid things. Such is the case of Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) who are the sponsers of the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (SB2560). What is so bad about this particular act? Well let’s start with everything. Yes, everything. There is nothing in this bill that should ever be allowed to see the light of day. The Act is designed “stop rampant copyright infringement on peer-to-peer networks.” (wired.com, New Induce Act Alarms Foes) However, the scope of the bill goes WAY beyond society defined peer-to-peer networks. The bill would literally end the development of any kind of data sharing programs becuase such a program could be used to illegally transfer music. You have got to be kidding me. I will again default to both the 1984 Betamax Decision and the more recent Federal P2P decision. The ’84 Betamax Decision “ruled that devices with ‘substantial non-infringing uses’ are legal.” (wired.com, Tech Groups Want Induce Hearings). While the August 19th P2P ruling upheld a district courts finding that Peer-to-peer services are legal. Judge Sydney Thomas, one of three judges on the panel overhearing the case noted, “History has shown that time and market forces often provide equilibrium in balancing interests, whether the new technology be a player piano, a copier, a tape recorder, a video recorder, a personal computer, a karaoke machine, or an MP3 player. Thus, it is prudent for courts to exercise caution before restructuring liability theories for the purpose of addressing specific market abuses, despite their apparent present magnitude.” Sounds like he get’s it. I vote Judge Thomas for Senate. Any seconds?

Homemade Cookies for Dummies

In the words of Alec Trebek on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy, “We have reached a new low.” Indeed. While at Safeway getting my prescription filled, I came across Homemade Cookies for Dummies. Basically, just add water and you have your own homemade cookies, dummy. What has this world come to? Oh that’s right…lazyness and obese people. If you want to complain about it, walk or run on over.

When you speak in a monotone voice, I have no idea what you are saying

I got my Calc 1 test back: 52/100. Not the worst score possible. But this score reinforces a few facts about life. First, no matter how hard a student tries, if the teacher sucks, the student will fail. This brings me to my second point, and title of the blog, if you speak in a monotone voice, I have no idea what you are saying. I didn’t realize how complicated speaking is until I started listening to my calculus teacher drone on and on. The fact of the matter is speach is a very complicated activity. The listener is alerted to specific points about what your talking about based on the inflection of your voice. If you speak monotone the entire freaking time, I CAN NOT DECERN WHAT IS IMPORTANT AND WHAT IS NOT. However, knowing me, there is always a solution to every problem, even when there isn’t a problem…or a solution. In this case, I have both. So I’m going to this other Calc class that meets at the exact same time. I’m going to see if I like it, and if I do, I am going to do everything in my power to transfer into that class. Even if the registrar hates me afterwards. I don’t need to take Calc 1 a third time.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow

I went with Eric and his Dad, Mike, to the movies today. We saw two movies, Resident Evil: Apocalypse  and Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow. Resident Evil was pretty good, a little lacking on plot, but still pretty good. Sky Captain was awesome. It was a type of movie I had never seen before, but was still very intriguing. It was also interesting because the entire movie was shot in front of a blue screen. Blue screens are typicall only used for short visual effects shots. Before Sky Captain I would reckon that Star Wars held the record for “Most use of blue screen.” In many ways, Sky Captain reminded me of Captain Proton from Star Trek Voyager.

Supersize Me

I just watched one of the most disturbing movies ever. For those of you who haven’t heard about Supersize Me, it’s a documentry about this guy who eats at McDonald’s for 30 days straight: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He has 3 simple rules:

  1. No options: he could only eat what was available over the counter (water included!)
  2. No supersizing unless offered
  3. No excuses: he had to eat every item on the menu at least once

During the eating episodes, Morgan, the star of the film, goes around the country talking with people about their eating habits. “The film [also] explores the horror of school lunch programs, declining health and physical education classes, food addictions and the extreme measures people take to lose weight and regain their health.” (supersizeme.com) If you haven’t seen the film already, you need to see it now. It really does provide a very real and critical look at what our nation is becoming.

  • Each day, 1 in 4 Americans visits a fast food restaurant
  • In 1972, we spent 3 billion a year on fast food – today we spend more than 110 billion
  • McDonald’s feeds more than 46 million people a day – more than the entire population of Spain
  • French fries are the most eaten vegetable in America
  • You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off a Super Sized Coke, fry and Big Mac
  • In the U.S., we eat more than 1,000,000 animals an hour
  • 60 % of all Americans are either overweight or obese
  • One in every three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime
  • Left unabated, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America
  • Obesity has been linked to: Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Adult Onset Diabetes, Stroke, Gall Bladder Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Problems, Endometrial, Breast, Prostate and Colon Cancers, Dyslipidemia, steatohepatitis, insulin resistance, breathlessness, Asthma, Hyperuricaemia, reproductive hormone abnormalities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired fertility and lower back pain
  • The average child sees 10,000 TV advertisements per year
  • Only seven items on McDonald’s entire menu contain no sugar
  • Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald – he was fired for being too fat
  • McDonald’s distributes more toys per year than Toys-R-Us
  • Diabetes will cut 17-27 years off your life
  • McDonald’s: “Any processing our foods undergo make them more dangerous than unprocessed foods”
  • The World Health Organization has declared obesity a global epidemic
  • Eating fast food may be dangerous to your health
  • McDonald’s calls people who eat a lot of their food “Heavy Users”
  • McDonald’s operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more then 100 countries on 6 continents
  • Before most children can speak they can recognize McDonald’s
  • Surgeon General David Satcher: “Fast food is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic”
  • Most nutritionists recommend not eating fast food more than once a month
  • 40% of American meals are eaten outside the home
  • McDonald’s represents 43% of total U.S. fast food market

Chem Test Results

Well, I passed. Which is good. I got 72 out of 100. The average score was 68, so 72 is actually better than averge. There were a few 100s, and about 25% of the class failed…which is also apparently average (as compared with other years). Anyways, it’s done. It’s over. I don’t have to think about it any more. Excellent.

Meet Frank Bates

Well, I decided that I needed someone who would always agree with me and never talk back. So I got a fish. His name is Frank Bates. I call him Frank…other’s call him Mr. Bates (just say it out loud). He’s a Betta fish (with two “t”s) which is good because for many reasons:

  • Only need to feed them 2-3 times a week so I can go away for the weekend without having to worry
  • Don’t need a filter or air bubble thing
  • Are used to living alone and in very small spaces
  • Don’t need to change the water often

It only cost $16.45 + tax and I have enough food to last quite a long time.

Oredigger; Issue 2

We were up until about 2am working on the Oredigger. It was pretty cool. I completed 3 pages, which was 1/4 of this issues pages. I also found out that as News Editor, I get paid! How cool is that? Depending on how well we do, I could get over $500! That’s soo much money! Awesome. Anyways, as always, here’s my article. It’s sort of an unofficial part 2 to my last article. My next one should be on the new Wellness Center.

User security will not be an issue in CSM�s new Blackboard Bb Transaction System (BTS). George Funkey, Manager of Information Services at CSM, made it very clear that Mines is very careful with user data. Colorado School of Mines will be ensuring the security of user data with BTS by using the Windows version, rather then the UNIX version. One of the key differences is the use of encrypted TCP/IP data in the Windows version versus the less secure use of the RS-485 protocol in the UNIX version of BTS. All transaction systems will be encrypted and isolated from the rest of the Mines network. The few non-transaction/non-encrypted systems that do exist will be even further isolated and will certainly be carefully guarded.

Unfortunately, all the services planned for BTS will not be immediately available. Instead, various sections of the system will be successively rolled out as each feature is implemented and tested. Funkey was still able expanded on the way BTS will function when it is eventually all completed.

Each user will be issued a new ID card that contains a barcode, magstripe, and a proximity chip. Users previously assigned CWID number will also be imprinted on the card. To meet ADA requirements, at least one entrance at each building will have a proximity card reader to allow authorized users access after hours. However, most other buildings will use less-expensive magstripe readers to authenticate users at entrances.

The magstripe on the card will also be used to pay for items and services at vending machines, campus laundry mats, the campus bookstore, the C3 store at Mines Park, and several copy machines in the library. The funds will be subtracted from users account just like a debit card. However, unlike a debit card, users will only be able to add money to the card. Only when a user ends their tenor at Mines will they be allowed a one-time withdrawal.

Users will also be able to logon to a secure website and few their transaction history and even add funds to the card from a credit or checking account. Future plans are in the works to expand the usability of the ID card to the Downtown Golden area where users could use the card to pay for items at authorized establishments.

Funkey also indicated that the original mid-November rollout date will likely not be met due to lack of response in a search for a Card Manager. Funkey is hopeful that the card will be rolled out by the second semester, but offered no guarantees, saying, �we’re not going to put it together wrong. And if it takes a few more months, well then, it takes a few more months�but it will make life a lot more convenient for everyone�it handles money, it handles access, it handles a lot of secure things.”

Week 5

So it’s the begining of week five and I still miss SAAS; well, most of SAAS. There are certainly some things that I’m glad I don’t have to do anymore. But for the most part, whatever sucked was easily outweighed by whatever didn’t suck. I haven’t seen anyone from SAAS in over a month now, two months if you don’t count JWay. I guess it’s just something to look forward to in 5 years or so. Hopefully a lot of people will come back to Seattle and we can get together then.

Anyways, we had a presentation at 9:30 this morning for EPICS. I had to dress up for that and then rush down only to find that we were 30 minutes behind schedule. I had a test in SYGN, I did pretty good on that one.